8 Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

A dishwasher is a great machine that can hugely help you out with your cleaning chores. But maintenance is very important to ensure its optimum performance. This will also help in prolonging its life and ensuring maximum returns for your investment. Here is a quick look at a few dishwasher maintenance tips:

1. Scrape off food particles before washing:

dirty dishesWhile the dishwasher does a great job of cleaning dried food, helping it out a little bit is always beneficial. So make sure that you remove the larger food particles that might be stuck on the dishes after a big meal. This will reduce the load on your machine and will help in providing a thoroughly clean job.

2. Get the hot water started first:

hot waterCleaning the dishes in hot water always gives the best results. But it takes time for the water from the faucet to get heated up. So if you start your dishwasher at the same time, the first few cycles are always with cold water. The alternative is to turn on the faucet and let the water run for sometime till it starts getting warm. Switch on the dishwasher after this so that the plates get thoroughly cleaned. This can be very useful during the winter months.

3. Handwash once in a while:

Washing a few items manually is more sensible than cramming up the dishwasher with too many things. If you overload, none of the dishes will get properly washed.hand wash

4. Purchase soaps with rinse aids:

Puracy Natural Liquid Dish SoapWhen purchasing soaps for your dishwasher, only go for the ones that have rinse aids. This makes cleaning a much easier process and you also end up saving some money. Another alternative to rinse aids is using white vinegar. It works just as well as any rinse aid and is much cheaper.

5. Thorough cleaning is a necessity:

Always remember to clean your dishwasher on a regular basis. Clean the gasket every few days to ensure its longevity. The nozzles should also be cleared along with the trap. Take out the filters and clean them thoroughly with warm water.gasket dishwasher clean

6. Use dishwasher detergent in a proper manner:

Seventh Generation Natural Dishwasher Detergent GelAlways measure the amount of detergent you use. And always remember that detergents meant for hand washing are very different from the ones used in a dishwasher. Never make the mistake of using one for the other.

7. Using an accurate cycle time:

Another important dishwasher maintenance tip concerns the time duration of each cycle. Using shorter cycles can cut back on electricity bills and save water. But the downside is that dishes do not get cleaned thoroughly. So if you want to use shorter cycles, make sure that the really dirty dishes get a hand wash too.diswasher cycle

8. Use Vinegar to run an empty dishwasher:

bottle vinegarThis procedure helps in removing dirt pieces that might be stuck in the washer. Just fill in a cup of vinegar into an empty dishwasher and let it run for a few cycles. Apart from cleaning the machine, it also ends up giving it a fresh fragrance.

Use these dishwasher maintenance tips and your machine will be functioning perfectly for a long time.

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