Bosch SHP53TL5UC 300 – The end of washing dishes by hand

Bosch SHP53TL5UC Integrated Dishwasher Review

Stylish and sleek, the Bosch SHP53TL5UC is all about efficiency. With four wash programs and five ways to customize your cleaning, you cannot dispute the fact that this is a top-of-the class fully integrated dishwasher. I recommended it for buyers that are concerned about utility costs. The upfront price is quite reasonable. This model is manufactured … Read more

Bosch SHE3AR75UC 24 Ascenta Dishwasher: Experience Unrivalled Performance in the Kitchen

  Powerful, yet very efficient when it comes to energy and water consumption, this is a Bosch built-in dishwasher every family will be proud to own. It is Energy Star Certified – this guarantees you up to 30% less money spent on energy bills per year. It features a good number of enhancements compared to … Read more