Best Over The Sink Dish Rack

Dish drainers are essential in almost any kitchen. They are great for drying utensils such as pots, glasses, cups and plates… If you have limited counter space the best option is to consider buying an over the sink dish drainer. They are real space savers and also adjustable to different sink sizes. In our tests we … Read more

EasyGoDishwasher – The Best Portable Manual Dishwasher For RV’s, Yachts, Camping And Even Dorms – Full Review

After a sumptuous meal, nothing messes up the mood like the thought of washing dishes. This inconveniencing moment after every lunch or maybe Christmas eve dinner must have played a part in motivating Josephine Cochrane to come up with the world’s first dishwasher. It is common thought that dishwashers can only be automated machines that … Read more