Why Choose The KitchenAid KDT204DSS 24″ Dishwasher?

Anyone can appreciate a cutting-edge dishwasher that will cover the day-to-day washing needs. The 24-inch built-in KitchenAid®KDTE204DSS dishwasher features the exclusive Prowash cycle system that intelligently determines the right kind of cycle for a specific clean. This system is also capable of making real-time adjustments to enhance effective cleaning.

The ProScrub Trio Option consists of 40 targeted spray jets that can handle every possible situation.

However, this is not a cheap dishwasher. Its price is actually rater high in a see of many appliances, where you will be hit by several brands and models that are convincingly cheap, to a point of confusion.

Before considering this dishwasher you should read a detailed guide to help you make an informed purchase. It’s better that you first understand if this is a good fit for you, so this review can help you better understand your budget and cleaning needs.

Why Choose The KitchenAid KDT204DSS 24″ Dishwasher?

What should you expect from this guide?

  • A detailed list of the features
  • Customer experiences – opinions of various users
  • Features that make the dishwasher unique
  • Pros and cons
  • My conclusion and rating

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KitchenAid KDTM354DSS Architect Series II 43dB Stainless Dishwasher
  • Stainless Steel Tall-Tub Interior W/ Nylon Rack
  • 6 Wash Cycles / 7 Options
  • 15 Place Settings W/ Adjustable Upper Rack


It’s considered one of the most advanced dishwashers of the market but also, very user-friendly. You’ll enjoy one-touch control and you can easily manipulate every detail and set up the perfect wash cycle depending on your specific needs. Some of these advanced features include:


This appliance comes with concealed controls, which are conveniently located on top of the door. This means that the front view is always clean and uninterrupted, which is the exact finish that you would desire in a stainless steel appliance.

Cycles – ProWash Cycles 

The ProWash cycle is a special feature which diligently picks the most appropriate cycle for different kinds of dishes. For every load of utensils, the system makes real-time adjustments to ensure that you get an excellent cleaning experience.

Scrubbing – ProScrub Option –

Thanks to this feature there is now no need for pre-scrubbing or soaking.

Racks and trays

Thanks to the SatinGlide®Max design, the lower and upper racks can be pulled out to carry the heavy loads. The racks have adjusters to help you raise and lower them at your convenience. To ensure flexibility and sturdiness at the same time, there are built-in special rails which keep both racks functioning properly.

You will also enjoy the fold-down shelf, which contains Stemware holders that provide extra room for cups on the upper rack. The lower rack is also fitted with sliding tines. This way, both deep and narrow dishes fit perfectly into the rack, making it all so easy.

Sound – Whisper Quiet® System –

Set up at 42 DBA, it ensures that you benefit from premium sound insulation. In other words, you can operate the appliance at any time of the day OR night.

Dimensions 23.8” (W) ×34.5” (H) ×24.7” (D).
Decibel level42
Rack materialNylon
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Food disposerSoft food disposer
Dishwasher style24-inch wide built-in
Wash cycles6 wash cycles
Silverware basket typeFull length non-splitable
Energy Star QualifiedYES
Warranty12 months on the parts
PriceCustomers on forums reported that they got the best offer on Amazon -

Special features


Culinary Caddy utensils basket

It provides extra space for holding utensils such as spatulas and whisks. It simply helps you make better use of the space in the lower rack.

ProDry Option

It includes a fan that helps to dry the dishes faster so that the whole wash cycle is completed faster.

4-Hour delay option

Included among the other special features is the 4-hour delay option, which allows you to delay the cycle start. Your dishwasher will start at a scheduled time.

Stainless steel interior

It comes with a stainless steel interior which is resistant to odors, stains and streaks. Besides, this material works great with the ProDry option, ensuring that all utensils come out dry.

kitchenaid dishwashers reviews

What do customers say about the dishwasher?

Monalisa K

  • I have been hand-washing utensils all my life, until I discovered this dishwasher four months ago. Since we bought it, life in the kitchen has suddenly become enjoyable because I no longer have to worry about heavily soiled utensils.

Justus RCM

  • I just love the interior design that defines this dishwasher. For the two years that I have used the appliance, it still looks as clean as new. Besides, it does not retain any odors or even stains regardless of how soiled my utensils are. Let me just be blunt and say – get it on amazon.com. I searched for weeks and couldn’t find a better price – and here is the link to the deal


  • I must admit that I was not attracted by the functionality but rather the visual appeal. This appliance made my open-plan kitchen look even better. With time, I have come to love the dishwasher and it’s certainly one of the few kitchen appliances that I recommend to my friends.

Nimrod XCX

  • While I admit that it is a good appliance in regards to performance, something must be done in relation to their customer service. My machine broke down and I had to wait for ages before they could respond. If something could be done to address this, it’s certainly a good appliance.

What message should you take home?

If you want a great performing dishwasher that features 6 amazing wash cycles, a concealed control panel and advanced technology like the proScrub option, you should get your own KitchenAid KDTE204DSS. It’s performance is excellent and your fragile utensils are taken good care of. Here is my view on it. This is how is performed in my testing. You can see by now that the lower score was in the price section, although if you are looking for a reasonable price make sure to see amazon’s offer here.


KitchenAid KDT204DSS 24″ Dishwasher - DGR score
KitchenAid KDT204DSS 24″ Dishwasher – DGR score


  • It works great and is very quiet.
  • The 6 wash cycles are designed to give optimal cleaning experience.
  • The Prodry feature works well. You can simply take your dishes from the dishwasher an put them directly on the dining table.
  • Check out Amazon offer


  • Sometimes there is a manufacturing flaw which prevents the detergent door from opening properly
  • The cycle length is sometimes too long

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