Review of the Jackson WWS Conserver XL, 37 Rack/Hr – If you’re a restaurant owner then this might be the best dishwasher for you

Jackson Conserver XL-E Door-Type is a renowned commercial dishwasher, acknowledged for its amazing durability and incredible capacity (it handles up to 39 racks per hour). It uses advanced built-in chemical pumps and electromechanical controls. This stainless steel machine is one of the few models with a delimer switch and adjustable bullet feet.

Jackson company has been operating successfully for over 85 years. It’s worth noting that the company made significant investments in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. They make commercial grade products that are environmentally friendly.

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Weight and DimensionsContrary to what many would expect, this NSF and UL approved commercial dishwasher isn’t that heavy.
At 240lbs it weighs about 4 times more than a semi-integrated residential dishwasher.
Width of 25-1/4 (inch), height of 65-2/1 (inch) and depth of 25-1/4 (inch).
WarrantyThe manufacturer’s warranty covers 1 year for parts and labor.
However, the warranty is only provided for equipment shipped in the first 18 months from the date of the manufacture.
Installation TypeProfessional services are recommended for proper installation to the existing plumbing system (fresh water inflow and drainage) and electrical connections.
Control ConsoleConserver XL-E uses electro-mechanical controls that are conveniently mounted on top for easy access and reading.
Wash Arms and Tray TypeExtra-large interior capacity.
Interchangeable upper and lower stainless steel wash and rinse arms.
Special cutlery trays that are pulled on a conveyor belt through the wash cycle.
Voltage and CertificationNorth American 120 Voltage 11.4A power requirements.
Energy Star, NSF, ISO 9001:2008, ETL, UL, CUL and AutoQuotes.
Material Type and Included ComponentsJackson describes this commercial dishwasher as a “robust warehouse” because it is fully made of stainless steel materials and has no plastic or soft metal parts.

Special Features

Conserver XL has low temperature and chemical sanitizing pumps. It also handles 90 second cycles. It also has a delimer switch which works alongside the top mounted controls. You will also love its built-in scrap accumulator and adjustable bullet feet (keeping the machine at a leveled position).Jackson WWS Conserver XL, 37 Rack Hr Door Type Dishwasher Review


Compared to other similarly priced ones, this model offers the best usability. It comes with a detailed owner’s manual. The control panel is also pretty straight-forward and easy to read.

The Jackson Conserver XL commercial dishwasher is capable of cleaning up to 39 racks per hour using only 1.02 gallons of water per rack. On top of that, this machine uses an automatic built-in dispensing pump to spread detergent and rinse aid evenly. The pump is also self-draining. Another plus is that this dishwasher has a built-in alarm system that alerts the user when a product (such as the rinse aid or ingredient etc.) runs out.

Customer Reviews

  • “Excellent dishwasher, the product’s details and functions are exactly as advertised. It works great.” – Santino, Chicago
  • “We have run this dishwasher several times now and it works great so far. We picked it over similarly priced ones because of its very detailed owner’s manual. It is also very energy efficient and consumes little water.” Meloni S., Okalahoma


With the Jackson Conserver XL you are getting your money’s worth. For the dish washing needs of a restaurant this unit offers the best price-to-quality ratio. It has state-of-the-art features and it’s very durable. It is one on those models that has set the pace for the new-generation of dishwashers. Enough said.



  • A bit pricy (But not overpriced)


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