Miele Professional G7856 Dishwasher – Why Should You Buy It? – Facts

Miele is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the manufacture of home appliances, right from dishwashers to vacuum cleaners and the accompanying accessories.

All the appliances under this brand name are built to the highest standards, because the focus is reliability, durability and efficiency.

This particular model is an ideal heavy-duty commercial dishwasher, which handles business chores in restaurants, clubs, pubs, bistros and cafes. In essence, there is no dishwashing job that is too hard for this appliance.

Miele Professional G7856 Dishwasher Facts

In this review:

  • A list of the general features
  • Special features that set it apart from other commercial dishwashers
  • What customers are saying about this dishwasher
  • Specs
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  • Cons
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This appliance features electronic controls that are very easy to use.

You can easily select one of the 8 programs to suit your cleaning needs.

You can adjust the settings, wash levels, detergent and drying options to clean different types of utensils and achieve the hygiene levels that you desire.

Wash programs

It is endowed with 8 different wash programs.

It’s versatile enough for commercial settings.

Heavily soiled utensils will require a heavy wash cycle before they can be used.

Things such as glasses will require a light wash cycle coupled with quick drying so that they are ready for immediate use.

Tray options

This particular dishwasher comes with a cutlery tray, which is ideal for holding your cutlery immediately after washing.

You can also select the baskets that suit your current requirements better.

Start option delay

The start option delay of up to 9.5 hours means you can load your dishwasher and choose when it will start.

It’s a very important feature especially in restaurants where people are always busy.


The display is clear and visible from a distance, indicating the temperature and running time.

You can opt to change the temperature when you feel that something ought to be done faster or at a slower rate.

Related to this feature is the drying option, which can be switched on and off depending on what you need.

Short cycles

Taking into consideration the fact that commercial settings require quick services, this dishwasher has the shortest washing cycles.

The fastest one will take 7 minutes to clean all your utensils no matter how soiled they are.

Clean water system

Using a fresh water system, this appliance will introduce clean water to the pre-wash cycle, during the main wash and during the rinse cycle. This achieves an unparalleled level of cleanliness and besides, it washes away any bacteria.


147.71 lbs

Drying system

Pulsing heat

Basket type



Triple filter system

Noise emission

61 DBA

What special features set it apart from the rest?

Miele G7856 dishwasher review
Miele G7856 dishwasher

Elegant finish:

Apart from the solid and elegant finish, this dishwasher has been given a stainless steel finish which not only enhances visual appeal but also facilitates easy cleaning. No matter where in the house this dishwasher is placed, it will not be affected by splashes and other forms of stain because the exterior finish encourages simple wiping for a sparkling appearance.

Leak detection:

Miele Professional G7856 dishwasher is fitted with a leak detection feature and an emergency shut-off system. The system can easily detect internal leakages and even the ones from the external water source. Once this is detected, a control valve is triggered to close and the supply is stopped immediately.

Trendy design:

This is a free-standing dishwasher, which does not require special installations before it can be used. You can either do a simple under-counter installation or a plinth mounting. Either way, you will enjoy a convenient loading height.

Built-in water softener:

This feature is extremely effective, regenerating the water even when the dishwasher is working. This enhances proper mixing of the water with your cleaning detergent which in turn enhances effective cleaning.


The appliance comes with a five-year extended warranty to residential use.

miele professional dishwasher

What do others say about it?

Risky JT

  • I have owned a big and busy restaurant for over two years and this is the dishwasher that I bought for my employees. It offers an extraordinary cleaning service and has never broken down so far. The machine is quiet and besides, it completes the cleaning exercise within a short while, something that every restaurant owner would love to have.


  • Because I have a large family, I had to go for a commercial-grade dishwasher which in my view could handle all our dishwashing needs. So far I can say that it was a worthwhile spending, although the appliance over-performs and I sometimes think that I am underworking it. I love the short duration that it takes to clear the load.

Lizy 99

  • What pleases me most is the solid and elegant finish that defines this commercial dishwasher. I just love appliances that add class to my house. It is a perfect fit in my kitchen, one that I will always cherish because I have very little time at home to do the utensils.


  • In my pub where glasses are in frequent use, it is barely possible to purchase glasses that will serve customers for an entire day without washing. Thanks to this commercial dishwasher, however, I no longer have to worry about the number. In seven minutes, I already have a clean load that can serve several customers.


This is one of the highly rated commercial dishwashers, one that has the power to deliver to the high standards that define commercial settings. Right from restaurants to pubs and clubs, this is the right kind of dishwasher that can withstand all the pressure without a need for servicing.

Alternatively, it is also good for large families where a lot of cleaning is involved.

Regardless of where it is used, Miele Professional G7856 dishwasher is an excellent appliance.

Miele Professional G7856 - DGR score
Miele Professional G7856 – DGR score


  • It comes with a built-in water softener
  • It cleans the utensils within minutes
  • It comes with 8 pre-set programs
  • Check out what people that bought it had to say about it – amazon.com


  • It is costly, especially for someone who requires it for residential use

Video Presentation

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