Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18″ dishwasher is the best bet – True or False?


Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18″ dishwasher may seem like small sized but it;s actually a powerhouse and when you start using it you see it becomes one of the most attractive kitchen appliances.

It is efficient and it’s Energy Star rated. It’s manufactured by Frigidaire, a popular American brand of consumer and commercial appliances.

Since starting its operations in 1916, it left its mark in the market for refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners and now, dishwashers.

In this review you would get:

  • An overview of its features
  • Why this product is unique and why it stand out in the crowd
  • How customers are responding after using this product
  • check Merits and demerits of the product

Most attractive features of Frigidaire 18”


This dishwasher is 18”. This is the perfect size for a small kitchen.

Dimensions and Weight:

The dishwasher weighs around 67 pounds .

Its dimension are 23 x 17.6 x 33.5 inches.


This dishwasher comes up with 10 years warranty on all the major components

Installation Type:

Built-in installation.

Even for someone who never installed a dishwasher before it will prove super easy.

frigidaire small dishwasher manual

Multiple Cycle Options:

This 18” Dishwasher works like a charm.

Its easy to use cleaning cycle options are very gentle and reduce the wash pressure by almost 30 per cent.

The multiple cycle options also include China & Crystal and Heavy Wash.


Ready-Select Controls.

frigidaire dishwasher all models

Stainless Steel:

It’s made of stainless steel which ensures durability and also facilitates easy cleaning.


Frigidaire 18” Dishwasher is Energy Star certified.

It also has an energy saver option for the same purpose.

It is also ADA Compliant, being approved by The Americans with Disability Act.

Washing options:

This dishwasher also has options for washing and drying.

It has a Hi-Temporary wash.

It dries the plates and utensils with both heat and no heat dry options.

frigidaire 18 dishwasher installation

Electrical Specifications:

120 volts

Why does it stand out of the crowd?frigidaire 18 dishwasher reviews


Frigidaire 18” is unique and will definitely stand out amid similarly priced dishwashers.

It has a delay start feature. It can be set for up to 4 hours delay.

When the detergent and rinse dispenser is not full, a low indicator aid led lights up to warn you.

It has a stainless steel removable filter which is used for filtration purposes. You can easily remove it to clean it when needed.

It has a stainless steel removable filter which is used for filtration purposes. You can easily remove it to clean it when needed.

It has a generous capacity of 8 place settings. If the plates are not bulky, it can hold even more than that.

Overall, in this price range, this dishwasher is a steal.

In the next section of this Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18″ dishwasher review we’ll see how customers are responding after using this dishwasher.


frigidaire 18 dishwasher

Customer reviews

Leka49 says

After buying this dishwasher her work has become very easy. Though she has never used a dishwasher before, after buying this she wonders why. Her husband installed the Frigidaire FFBD1821MS and says it is super easy. She has been happy because she didn’t experience before how it feels to let the dishwasher do all the dishwashing. She says that it is also super-efficient and doesn’t leave any marks after washing.

Rick says

That he has never imagined that this Frigidaire model would be so good. He has been using it for a while now and he has no complaints whatsoever. He has installed the dishwasher himself within a few hours even though he had never done dishwasher installation before. He also mentions that the legs under the dishwasher adjust easy. He remarks that he has a small kitchen and that the dishwasher fits very well.


  • It fits well even in small kitchens
  • Its interior and exterior are both made of high quality stainless steel which ensures its durability
  • It is very quiet and only gives a beep sound once it’s done washing
  • check Cleaning is very fast and super-efficient. There is no mark left after the wash.
  • check It is very easy to install
  • check It’s reasonably priced
  • check It’s an Energy Star Rated product
  • check This dishwasher also has a delay start feature that adds convenience
  • check Check out’s offer – it’s one of the best in the market


  • A larger family would appreciate a 12 place setting.
  • It’s a little bit heavy.


The Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18″ dishwasher has more merits than the demerits. Let’s look at them one by one.

Here is how it did in our DGR:


frigidaire 18 dishwasher

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