Perfect for Small Spaces – Meet the EdgeStar Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher – Full Review

This little powerhouse is made by EdgeStar. The Energy Star 18” Built-In Dishwasher is able to fit well in smaller spaces. It provides 6 different wash cycle choices, so you’ll find one that’s perfect for your every need.

EdgeStar is part of the Living Driect company. It is located in Austin Texas and founded by Rick Lundbom. Using his home as his work space and office he was the only employee with no outside investors.

Mr. Lundbom was on a mission to create smaller appliances for tight living quarters. He was able to make that happen with inspiration and hard work.

Perfect for Small Spaces – Meet the EdgeStar Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher – Full Review

Here is what you’ll learn in this review:

  1. A little on the manufacturer;s history
  2. This model’s features described
  3. What makes it a great product
  4. What do customers say about it
  5. What is my conclusion
  6. It’s DGR review score
  7. Pros and Cons lists
  8. A beautiful infographic of the EdgeStar Energy Star 18″
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EdgeStar Energy Star dishwasher
EdgeStar Energy Star dishwasher

Features you’ll appreciate in a small size dishwasher

Weight and Dimensions

The EdgeStar built-in dishwasher is a small, 18” stainless steal beauty. It stands 32.5” and its depth is 22”. This dish washer is the perfect size for a small kitchen in an apartment. At 55 lbs. it isn’t too heavy for a deck bar and small enough to be almost invisible.

Types of Baskets and Trays

This little machine includes 2 pull out dish racks for your plates, trays, and bowls. The second tray holds glasses and other sensitive items. There is also a cup tray and a silverware basket. This EdgeStar built-in dishwasher can hold up to 8 place settings.

If you forget a dish just press the start/pause button, open the door slowly to let the washer stop, add your dishes and push the same button again.

Spray Arms will need consistent cleaning.

Control Console

On the front of the dishwasher you’ll find the controls, a dial to help you select 1 of the 6 wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, glass,speed, and rinse). Lighted buttons will show you what cycle the machine is on. It also has an end of wash cycle sound.



120V, 60Hz

Power 1100 Watts

Current 1.0Amps

Heater Current 8.2 Amps

Material Type

EdgeStar built-in dishwasher is made of Stainless Steel.

Energy Star 18 inches Built-In Dishwasher sideways look
Energy Star 18 inches Built-In Dishwasher sideways look


EdgeStar will replace parts and pay for labor within 1 year of the purchase date. This will only cover the original owner. After the 12 months period the company will no longer supply parts and labor. Some items that are not covered by the warranty include:

  • charges for installation
  • shipping damages
  • usual wear and tear
  • labor transportation
  • shipping charges
  • products lost in shipment

What are the special features that make this appliance a good value?

Energy Star 18 inches Built-In Dishwasher inside look
Energy Star 18 inches Built-In Dishwasher inside look

The one major feature that makes the Energy Star dishwasher standout is its ability to wash up to 8 place settings while taking up so little space.

All types of soiled dishes can be cleaned due to the 6 cycle options.

From heavy to light to just rinse, your dishwashing needs are met. Many small dishwashers only provide a couple of wash cycles which does not give the same versatility as the Energy Star.

This appliance has heated wash and dry cycles.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance is another feature that makes it popular. If it’s well maintained few issues will arise, if any.

This great EdgeStar built in dishwasher is a stunning appliance designed in stainless steel or white. It is a sleek, well built machine that will compliment any style, modern or traditional. The 2 slide-out racks can be filled to full capacity and you’ll still get your glassware sparkly clean.

The silverware is secured in a basket on the bottom rack and a cup rack is found on the top section. Other dishwashers made for small spaces tend to look bulky as if someone just shrunk a normal size dishwasher. Also many small dishwashers are not built-in, only mobile, so you have to move them around to use and then store away. The Energy Star is built-in so it’s convenient.

EdgeStar Dishwasher Review
EdgeStar Energy Star 18 Built-In Dishwasher Infographic

This built-in dishwasher is just perfect for a small space. Apartment kitchens, dorms, assisted living housing and rental properties tend to be short on space so this little machine is a perfect fit there. It’s easy to reach into for filling and emptying. This is especially helpful for people with disabilities or who are confined to a wheel chair.


Do people love this dishwasher?

  • Energy Star 18 inches Built-In Dishwasher backwards look
    Energy Star 18 inches Built-In Dishwasher backwards look

    This product was easy to install. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I am not very handy but this was a simple job.

  • The Energy Star is a smart choice. Runs very quietly and cleans dishes so they come out sparkly clean.
  • This is a beautiful dishwasher. The stainless steel is perfect with my other appliances and runs so quietly I hardly know its there.
  • I bought this dishwasher on sale and was pleasantly surprised. It uses little water and has a heated wash and dry cycle. I think cycles 1 and 2 get your dishes the cleanest. I would have paid full price for this dishwasher.

Did Rick Lundbom do what he set out to do? He knew what he wanted, small appliances that gave big results in small spaces. He was able to start his company in his home with no funding other that his own. Rick was very successful and made the EdgeStar a well known brand.

The company is known for their energy efficient appliances and this dishwasher is no exception. The best EdgeStar built-in dishwasher is a state of the art machine.

My conclusion and the DGR score:

Energy Star 18 inches built-In Dishwasher – DGR Review score
Energy Star 18 inches built-In Dishwasher – DGR Review score

Here is a quick list of pros and cons:



  • only comes in stainless steel and white
  • needs to be manually shut down of at the end of the cycle
  • installation directions need to be clearer

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