EasyGoDishwasher – The Best Portable Manual Dishwasher For RV’s, Yachts, Camping And Even Dorms – Full Review

After a sumptuous meal, nothing messes up the mood like the thought of washing dishes. This inconveniencing moment after every lunch or maybe Christmas eve dinner must have played a part in motivating Josephine Cochrane to come up with the world’s first dishwasher.

It is common thought that dishwashers can only be automated machines that take care of the cleanliness of silverware and dishes in the kitchen. Likewise, when talking of a dishwasher, it will be commonplace to find people’s thoughts leaned on a big expensive machine which is both power hungry and water thirsty. So it’s not odd to find heads turning when talking of a manual, cheap, electricity-free and water conserving dishwasher.

The Best Portable Manual Dishwasher For RV’s, Yachts, Camping And Even Dorms – Full Review

EasyGo Dishwasher Features

The dishwasher described above is not fictional, but real. A product of EasyGo, the EasyGo Dishwasher is a portable manual dishwasher that has been designed for basic household use, targeting low-budget consumers. It’s one of a kind due to its unique features, not found in the conventional dishwashers installed in most homes.

Affordability To start with, this dishwasher is among the cheapest you can find in the market. Going for around $30 in most online stores, this dishwasher is accessible to the low-budget consumers to whom conventional dishwashers is a luxury.
Portability This is a very striking feature. The dishwasher is portable and can be taken for outdoor activities such as camping to deal with the dirty dishes arising from a bush meat dinner. The portability of this dishwasher can be attributed to its dimensions and weight.

EasyGo manual dishwasher only measures 14.8 x 10.6 x 9.3 inches and scales 3.4 pounds. It has a plastic housing and a plastic lid, making its transportation easier. Therefore, carrying it about from one place to another is not tedious nor does it require the boot of a minivan.

EasyGo portable Dishwasher comes with suction cups that anchor it firmly onto the sink.
EasyGoDishwasher REVIEW
Performance and little water usageLooking deeper into this product, it comes equipped with over 10000 cleaning bristles. These bristles effectively clean the dirty dishes and ensure that you do not have to clean the dishes one by one for you to get a crisp finish. Apart from giving a crisp clean, this manual dishwasher is capable of cleaning both sides of glassware at the same time. There is a special glass cleaner that handles glassware and cleans the inside of the glass. This makes washing dishes less time consuming.

Several water chambers have been crafted to separate rinsing water and cleaning water. As said before, this dishwasher is not a water thirsty machine. It consumes 80% less water than conventional dishwashers. This might sound as fantasy and you might question how consistent the cleaning results are. Despite the low amount of water used, every dish comes out sparkling clean.

Furthermore, the manual comes with instructions on the recommended water-detergent ratio to be used for consistent results.

EasyGoDishwasher cutlery cleaning
Easy to useKids can safely and comfortably use this manual portable dishwasher and get the job done in a jiffy.

EasyGoDishwasher glasses cleaning

Comparison with other players in the market

EasyGo dishwasher fairs on pretty well over other players in the market. Its portability is a definite win over other dishwasher available. Its regulated water consumption is a welcome relief to most dishwasher users. It is also cheaper to operate considering that water and power costs are reduced.

To top it all up, EasyGo is very affordable unlike other dishwashers in the market. This is very appealing to the low-income consumer who desperately needs a dishwasher but the pocket is not deep enough.

You can simply buy from Amazon.com – they usually have a really good deal.

Related customer reviews

Most reviews in online stores commend its affordability and usability.

On the downside, there is significant complains on the drain plugs. Most users are complaining that the drain plugs easily pop out and the company should address the issue.

Generally, there is high customer satisfaction on this product.

Best Portable Manual Dishwasher Review


EasyGo dishwasher is a must-have kitchen accessory. It will save you time, power, and water while ensuring your dishes are always sparkling clean.

When it comes to innovations, EasyGO has never disappointed and EasyGoDishwasher is the “living” proof.


  • This product is very affordable.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Furthermore, it consumes little water and detergent making it very cheap to run.
  • Despite being manual, it effectively cleans all dishes.
  • you can buy it on amazon


  • The faulty drain plugs are a design let down.

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