Bosch SHP53TL5UC 300 – The end of washing dishes by hand

Stylish and sleek, the Bosch SHP53TL5UC is all about efficiency. With four wash programs and five ways to customize your cleaning, you cannot dispute the fact that this is a top-of-the class fully integrated dishwasher. I recommended it for buyers that are concerned about utility costs. The upfront price is quite reasonable.

This model is manufactured by Bosch Home Appliance Group which is based in Munich, Germany. Bosch is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world and has been supplying a variety of German-engineered accessories to the United States since 1991.

The company has won the Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award three times already.

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What do you get in this review?

  1. A comprehensive review of Bosh 300 dishwasher features
  2. Overview of what makes the SHP53TL5UC stand out
  3. Customer reviews and testimonials
  4. Product pros and cons


The SHP53TL5UC features hi-tech controls and adjustable interior components allowing fitting in oversized items.

Bosch SHP53TL5UC 300 24″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher Review

Weight and DimensionsThe machine has a weight of 84 lbs.
Dimensions (in inches) are 33 7/8” x 23 9/16” x 23 3/4”.
It offers sufficient capacity to serve an average family.
WarrantyThe dishwasher comes with 10 years warranty on major parts and labor.
Also a 5 years warranty that covers the microprocessor and the circuit board.
Bosch also provides limited lifetime warranty for rust-through on inner tub liners parts.
Installation TypeThe dishwasher is designed to be enclosed on the top, back and both sides by standard residential kitchen cabinetry.
You need to install it close to the sink for easy access to the drains and water supply.
Perfect flush installation.
Control ConsoleThis model has a full panel (concealed) control console at the top of the dishwasher door – usually about 4 inches high.
This gives it a sleek, stylish and clean look.
Wash arm and Tray TypeThis fully integrated dishwasher has two racks.
The top rack is designed to hold cups and glasses.
The lower rack is adjustable (it can be adjusted upwards and downwards), allowing flexibility in loading tall glasses and pots.
It has two spray arms serving the upper and lower trays.
All wash arms are incredibly flexible and easy to clean.
This appliance uses 120 volts on a frequency of 60Hz.
It is Energy Star Certified and also UL and CUL certificated.
It isn’t ADA compliant.
Material TypeIts tub material and interior are made of stainless steel.
Some parts are made of iron.

Special Features

Some of the outstanding features include the InfoLight Beams which indicate when the dishwasher is running. This unit also has a special detergent tray that optimizes detergent dissolving and RackMatic technology that facilitates for up to 9 rack positions. The fully integrated dishwasher also comes with a self-latching door and AquaStop leak protection that works 24/7.


One special feature that separates this dishwasher from other machines is the ability to accommodate a large variety of utensils. It has an LCD control console that is user-friendly and 4 convenient wash cycles.

Compared to other appliances of its class, this one is quieter (sometimes you may not even notices it is running). Keep in mind that the device is energy efficient and has 15 place setting capacity.

Customer Reviews

Beauva, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“This is extremely quiet. It gets all dishes, even and heavily soiled ones, very clean.”

Percy, Mississauga, ON, Canada

“I bought this appliance because it’s highly rated and it matches well with the other appliances I got for my new kitchen.”

Michell D

“If I could give this dishwasher more than 5 stars I would. It cleans so much better than any other models I’ve ever used so far.”


This fully integrated dishwasher is in fact quite reasonably priced. Its host of special features makes it an incredible bet at its price. On the flipside though, it is a bit tricky to install – thankfully a practical manual is available.

It’s certainly a good choice for any quality-conscious shopper.



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