LG Dishwasher Reviews and Comparison: Should You Add It to Your Home?


If you don’t want to stand over the sink washing dishes for 30 minutes, you want the best dishwasher in town so you can do the other million things on your plate. And if you look at LG dishwasher reviews, you’ll find many appliances that fit the bill, but are they the best? Only you can be the judge of the best dishwasher for you. All we can do is present what’s available.

Which dishwashers offer the best cleaning performance, reducing the need for pre-soaks and pre-washes? To help you sort out these and other questions that come up when choosing a new dishwasher, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the LG dishwasher model LDF5545ST and compare it against some of its closest competitors.

LG Dishwasher and Comparison Reviews

What Is LG Dishwasher Model LDF5545ST?

LG LDF5545ST 24" Front Control Dishwasher w/QuadWash and EasyRack Plus...
  • 15 Place Settings Capacity
  • 9 Cycles | 8 Options
  • QuadWash System

The LG dishwasher model LDF5545ST is a quality, durable appliance at the upper level of mid-range when it comes to prices and features. It packs useful LG-exclusive technology into an affordable package that will fit most homes in terms of space and budget.

Product Specs

The LG dishwasher balances quality design specs and features while still keeping the price affordable. It may lack some of the bells and whistles of the top-end models, but it also lacks its top-end price tag.

Cleaning Power

When it comes to a dishwasher, it’s easy to get distracted by all the fancy gizmos and extras, but really one thing matters most of all: how well does the dishwasher wash your dishes? The LG-exclusive QuadWash technology features four washing arms as opposed to the usual two, delivering twice the coverage and reducing missed spots.

Further, the arms are Multi-Motion, further expanding the coverage area while assuring that each dish is cleaned from multiple angles. No other washer we looked at featured more than three washing arms, putting the LG in a class of its own in this regard.


For a model in its price range, the LG dishwasher packs a surprising array of high-end features. And, perhaps more importantly from a value standpoint, these are features that the average user is likely to use and appreciate.

For example, users will notice that the QuadWash system effectively cleans their dishes without the need for as many annoying pre-soaks and even pre-washes. The LG dishwasher also features 9 different wash cycles and 8 wash options.

Sometimes the best features are those you don’t even notice, like reliability. The LG dishwasher runs on a direct drive motor, which uses fewer moving parts, meaning greater energy efficiency and improved durability. Perhaps this is why LG feels confident putting a 10-year limited warranty on the motor of the LG dishwasher, by far the longest we’ve seen on a dishwasher motor.

Dish Racks

The LG dishwasher offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to rack configurations, allowing the user to maximize the space used in each load without risking damage to the dishware. LG’s EasyRack Plus system uses BPA-free nylon-coated racks and fold-down tines, and the upper rack is easily adjusted to three different heights to accommodate a variety of cookware and dishes, making the LG dishwasher one of the most versatile we’ve looked at in terms of dish configurations.

How It Compares

To get a better idea of how the LG dishwasher stacks up against the competition, we’ve decided to compare it against three other popular models from highly regarded, well-established manufacturers. The models we’ve used for our comparison include the following

LG LDF5545ST Dishwasher

​With a host of useful features but not the confusing controls that sometimes render them inaccessible and unused, the LG dishwasher ranks highly on ease of use. We especially appreciate that LG seems to have focused on extras that people will actually notice and get use out of, rather than those that attract a buyer’s attention initially but often prove less useful in practice.

At just 75 pounds, relatively light for a 24-inch dishwasher, the LG dishwasher is easy to maneuver during installation, and its standard fittings and connectors are easy to install.

​With a host of useful LG-exclusive features like the QuadWash System, EasyRack Plus, LoDecibel operation, NeveRust stainless steel, and Dual-Control Cycle, this LG dishwasher packs a lot into a standard-size dishwasher. Add in a solid, stainless steel design, and the LG dishwasher earns high marks for design quality.

​LG includes a limited warranty of 1 year on labor and parts, 5 years on the control board and rack, and 10 years on the motor, along with a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel door liner and tub.


  • ​LG QuadWash features four spray arms rather than the usual two
  • ​EasyRack Plus system provides flexibility and space efficiency when loading dishes
  • ​LoDecibel Operation maxes out at 48 dB


  • ​The Samsung model offered slightly better overall cleaning performance
  • ​Some spaces may be better suited for an 18-inch model rather than a 24-inch model like the LG dishwasher

Samsung Dishwasher Model DW80M9550UG/AA

SAMSUNG DW80M9550UG / DW80M9550UG/AA / DW80M9550UG/AA 24 Fully...
  • 24 in. Tall Tub Stainless Steel Interior
  • 15 Place Settings / 7 Wash Cycles / 8 Wash Options
  • WaterWall Technology / Zone Booster

This dishwasher comes with Samsung’s proprietary WaterWall technology that uses a “wall” of water rather than individual jets to clean everything in the dishwasher. It also includes an adjustable upper rack, which is useful for fitting large dishes or providing ample separation between delicate dishware, like wine glasses.

This Samsung dishwasher features a number of convenient extras that boost its ease-of-use score. For example, the AutoRelease door automatically pops open when the dry cycle is complete, allowing steam to escape and speeding drying times by about 35%, without adding a penny to the utility bill. Also, its Zone Booster technology includes 5 additional nozzles on the left side of the dishwasher which are designed to get off even the hardest-to-remove food remnants without the need for prior soaking or a pre-wash.

​Weighing in at just 90 pounds, this 24-inch (exact width 23 and 7/8 inches) dishwasher also has an adjustable height that ranges from 33 and 7/8 inches to 35 inches, allowing it to accommodate a range of counter heights. Both the relatively lightweight design and the adjustable height add to the ease of installation.

Samsung products are known for their overall quality, and this Samsung dishwasher is no exception. With a solid build and an abundance of useful extras, this Samsung dishwasher doesn’t lose sight of what counts most: getting your dishes clean! With WaterWall and Zone Boost, this Samsung removes the food that some of the other dishwashers left behind, and, with its Express 60 feature, it can wash and dry smaller loads in just an hour. All of this led us to give this Samsung dishwasher high marks for design quality.

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Samsung includes a 12-month limited warranty on parts and labor and 5-year coverage for all linear motion parts, the printed circuit board, racking, and a lifetime warranty on the door liner and tub (for leakage only).


  • ​42 dB is even quieter than the 48 dB of LG dishwasher
  • ​WaterWall technology delivers superior cleaning to every corner of the dishwasher
  • ​AutoRelease door automatically pops open upon completion to allow steam to escape, speeding up drying


  • ​Expensive
  • ​24-inch model may not fit smaller kitchens

GE Profile Dishwasher Model PDW1860KSS

The second of two 18-inch models we looked at, the GE Profile, offers a more high-end model as compared to Frigidaire, with the high-end price tag.

The GE Profile offers all the conveniences you would expect from a model at the top end of our price range.

​At 61 pounds and just 18-inches wide, the GE Profile dishwasher is easy to maneuver for fast installation. However, side installation is sold separately.

​The GE Profile offers the highest design quality of any dishwasher in our group. The dishwasher looks and feels solid and durable, and its sleek design will fit even the most contemporary of kitchens.

As of this writing, this model isn’t available online, but the updated GE Profile is now available.


  • ​Sleek, solid, durable design
  • ​Solid dishwashing performance


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Only 2 wash arms as compared to 4 on the LG dishwasher
  • ​60 dB is significantly louder than the 48 dB of the LG dishwasher, despite its smaller size
  • ​Relatively weak warranty coverage

Frigidaire FFBD1821MB 1800 18″ Full Console Dishwashe

​This 18-inch dishwasher from Frigidaire is built to be small, reliable, and easy to operate. While it lacks the features of more expensive models, budget-conscious buyers with limited space available could find this to be the perfect model for them.

​This straightforward 18-inch offering from Frigidaire is smaller and less feature-rich than some of the other competitors, but for budget-conscious consumers with smaller kitchens, this could hit the sweet spot. If you’ve ever used a dishwasher before, you’ll be able to operate this Frigidaire dishwasher without issue. However, the manual-clean filter and the lack of certain conveniences found on other models negatively impacted the easy-of-use score.

The 18-inch size of this dishwasher can make installation either easier or harder, depending on the configuration of your space. Many full-size kitchens have 24-inch openings for the dishwasher, but for apartments or kitchens that did not previously have a dishwasher, the slender width and light weight could make installation significantly easier.

This Frigidaire model is built with the price tag in mind, and it shows with the design quality and available features. The Frigidaire was among the least effective models we tested in removing those hard-to-get food remnants, which then requires multiple washings. However, for the price, the Frigidaire offers a quality, no-frills dishwasher.

​Frigidaire includes a one-year limited warranty.


  • ​Among the lowest-priced dishwashers in our group
  • ​18-inch size is optimal for smaller kitchens with limited space


  • ​18-inch size may not accommodate all spaces, especially those made for 24-inch dishwashers
  • ​Smaller size means a smaller capacity for dishes
  • ​Weak warranty protection as compared to other manufacturers
  • ​Relatively no-frills design

As of this writing, this particular model isn’t available online, but this other Frigidaire model might be just what you need.


After comparing the LG dishwasher against three other popular models of varying prices, sizes, and features, we can say that we like the LG dishwasher. We also declare it the top choice among the models selected for its combination of helpful extras you’ll actually use at an affordable price.


collov home design unsplash

​However, we also recognize that the right dishwasher may not be the same for everyone. For those with limited space and on a tighter budget, the Frigidaire 18-inch model we looked at offers a straightforward, relatively no-frills appliance from a reputable brand at an affordable price. Similarly, those with the extra money and kitchen space may want to take a long look at the Samsung dishwasher, which, with its WaterWall and Zone Boost technologies, offered some of the best raw cleaning performance we’ve seen in a home dishwasher at that price point.

In the end, there is a reason that all four dishwashers we looked at today are among the most popular models out there. Each of them offers a quality product catered to a particular demographic, allowing you to select the one that suits your needs best.

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