The Evolution of Dishwasher Technology

dishwashersguide tipsIt’s common knowledge that before the invention of the dishwasher, all people were washing utensils by hand. With all the bells and whistles which characterize the modern dishwasher, it is important to remember that this appliance (that simplifies life in the kitchen) has a long and rich history. Regardless of its impressive functionality and sleek lines, the first dishwashers were simply streamlined with no special features as we know them today.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, this appliance is not the beast that early users knew. Today’s dishwasher is a beneficiary of great technological innovations which have seen it offer improved performance, greater versatility and an aesthetic, modern design.

Here are some amazing facts about the evolution of dishwasher technology:

When and how was it invented?

Joel Houghton dishwasherThe first appliance that washed dishes was patented in 1850, thanks to Joel Houghton. This was a small wooden machine which was crank-operated. Each time that it was cranked, water would find way through the plumbed piece of wood from where it could be sprayed over the dishes.

However, this idea was not viable and as a result, it was improved by Josephine Cochrane in 1887. Although she did not wash dishes herself, Josephine argued that her servants used the appliance to simplify dish washing.

When did the newer versions appear?

Maytag MDB4949SDMThe first dishwasher, the one invented in 1850, was totally different from what we use today. Its design, efficiency and technology were simply streamlined. It was not until 1924 when an English inventor came up with a design similar to the dishwashers we see today. This newer version already had rotating sprayers and rack systems that we presently enjoy.

However, there was no interior plumbing in most homes at that time and so, regardless of the fact that the design was excellent, only the very rich could afford a dishwasher.

What improvements define the modern dishwasher?

Materials and design

Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 Series - depthBe it compact, portable or built-in, modern dishwashers are known for their attractive design. People always had a thing for sleek looking appliances which could enhance the overall design of their kitchen. The newer models are automated and fitted with LCD displays, which is just one of the highlights of their minimalist style.

Some of the models have original features such as 2 independent drawers. Whereas black and white dishwashers still exist, stainless steel is in greater demand because of its elegance. Even so, dishwashers come in a variety of colors these days, including red and blue.

Modern dishwashers have adjustable racks, a practical option which allows users to adjust the appliance so that it suits their needs.

Wash cycles

Unlike the earlier models, some dishwashers feature more than three wash cycles. The “delicate” wash cycle is really appreciated as it increases efficiency and reduces the time taken to wash dishes.

Some modern versions have been equipped with a bio protect system, which runs automatically irrespective of the wash cycle. It releases an antibacterial solution which mixes with the water and therefore eliminates all strains of bacteria.diswasher cycle

Energy and noise levels

Bosch SHX68T55UC DishwasherLately all dishwasher are energy star certified. Considering most of the dishwashers that I have tested, those with the energy star ratings are at least 25% more efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Another great addition is the smart sensor that calculates the quantity of water needed, the length of a cycle and adjusts temperature accordingly.

The noise a running dishwasher makes is also a problem of concern so more and more companies pay special attention to sound insulation when they built their newer models. Some of the quietest dishwashers run at 40 DBA, which is like as loud as whisper.

The dishwashers we use nowadays are very advanced machines. Even more so, with advancements in technology happening on a daily basis, rest assured this is not the end of innovation for these helpful kitchen appliances. We are yet to see more smart and highly functional dishwashers!

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