Encyclopedia of Dishwasher Parts and Accessories

Dishwashers have a tremendous impact on everyday life. They are more hygienic and efficient than hand-washing – that’s a fact. They save water, energy and time!

But do you know what they’re made of? They have a lot of parts.

Here’s a complete list of all the various dishwasher parts (in alphabetical order) and the roles they perform.

Encyclopedia of Dishwasher Parts and Accessories

Control console

The control console, also known as control panel, is found above the front door panel of your dishwasher. It’s typically made up of an LCD screen and it features a few control options and lights which indicate the mode of operation and errors. The control console is used to control the entire machine.Whirlpool-WDF520PADM-Built-in-Stainless-Dishwasher-Control-console

Cycle selector

This is a switch that is found on the control panel. And because a typical dishwasher is capable of operating under different cycles (e.g. heavy, light etc), this is actually the button that helps the user make the necessary adjustments.diswasher cycle

Drain impeller

The work of the drain impeller is to push water out of the dishwasher when it drains. The seal, found under the impeller prevents water from leaking.drain impeller dishwasher

Detergent dispenser door

Before you turn on the machine, you need to dispense the detergent to ensure the utensils are properly cleaned. The detergent dispenser door is one of the dishwasher parts that make it possible to do this.Detergent dispenser door

Door Switch and Door Latch

Oftentimes, the door-latch is integrated with the door switch. The main job of these two important parts is to turn your machine on and off by completing or disconnecting the flow of power.Door Switch and Door Latch

Float bulb

The work of the float bulb is to switch off the water in case of an overflow (by floating in the water). The part is typically found in a front corner of the machine.Float switch

Float switch

This switch is found right under the float bulb. It is activated when the bulb floats due to an overflow. When turned on, the water turns off.

Float bulb

Inner door panel

Also known as door insert, this panel is designed to hold the detergent dispenser or silverware basket.Inner door panel dishwasher

Kick Panel

The kick panel is located beneath the front door panel. On most occasions, this is the place where the motor and water pipes are found. If you need to access this area of general maintenance, you must remove this plate.Kick Panel

Lower spray arm

This spray arm serves the lower dish rack. It is a freely moving part and is generally powered by the water pump of the dishwasher.water spray arms

Lower rack

Some dishwashers come with two racks and the lower rack is the bottom one in the machine. It’s role is to create additional space for effective cleaning.Lower rack dishwasher

Main tub

This is the main body of the dishwasher. It holds the majority of the parts that make up the entire system. Normally a dishwasher with a large tub has a larger capacity for washing dishes than a standard one.whirlpool dishwasher parts diagram



The macerator spring is part of the large dishwasher pump mechanism and its main work is to shred small food particles. This makes it easier for the machine to do its job.

Macerator dishwasher


This part is found between the wash arm and the pump. The work of this part is to convert energy into rotational motion which is important in the cleaning process.dishwasher motor frigidaire

Rinse aid dispenser

The dispenser is located behind the dishwasher’s door. Its purpose is to dispense rinse water softener during the rinse cycle.rinse aid dispenser

Silverware basket

This one holds utensils. This bucket is mainly used to hold spoons, forks and knives saving the rack space for larger utensils. Can be found behind the door.Silverware basket dishwasher


Found on the underside of the main tub or behind the door panel. Its main task is to regulate water temperature.thermostat dishwasher

Thermal fuse

This accessory is normally found on the bottom of the main tub. Its main job is to prevent water from overheating.Thermal fuse


This is part of the control console (alternatively, can be found behind the kick plate). It’s responsible for controlling the wash cycles.dishwasher parts names

Water intake valve

Also known as the inlet valve, it’s usually located behind the lower kick plate in either the left or right corner. It is responsible for controlling water flow into the dishwasher compartment.Water intake valve

Wash impeller

Found beneath the pump assembly, the wash or pump impeller’s job is to force water up through the spray arm.

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