A Definitive Guide to Dishwasher Features

A couple of years back, dishwashers were listed among the luxury home appliances but over time, they have evolved into must-have machines which save a lot of time and increase the functionality of modern kitchens.

As you head to the shops, you will discover that dishwashers prices differ, a disparity that is mostly brought about by differences in capacity and the special features which set one brand apart from the other.

Having decided to bring you detailed reviews of the dishwashers that we have tested and approved, I also thought it wise to give a highlight of the features that you should expect in a dishwasher so that you make an informed purchase.

What is the best size for a dishwasher?

dishwasher reviews

A small family can consider buying a countertop dishwasher because it is small enough to fit anywhere on the countertops.

Depending on how much floor space you have in the kitchen and the size of your family, however, most people have chosen between an 18-inch slimline dishwasher and a standard 24” built-in dishwasher.

What about the capacity?

Capacity really matters because it dictates the number of dishes, pans and pots that you will load into the appliance in a single wash. If you need to run two separate washes each time just because the dishwasher is not big enough, it will turn out to be wasteful in the long run.dishwasher features explained

What about the control panel or display?

Most dishwasher manufacturers have diversified their appliances, giving you the option of deciding where your controls will be located. While some will have these controls at the front (which is the case with most traditional types), others will have the controls located at the top of the door.

The latter is more popular because it makes the appliance look simple and sleek. Besides, top controls are easier to use because you look at them directly.

dishwasher control panel

Noise insulation

This is a special feature which determines the level of comfort that you will enjoy while using the dishwasher. Whereas some dishwashers will operate as though a 747 is taking off, there are some with the kind of noise insulation which emits virtually no sound at all.

At 40 DBA ratings, be sure that you would have taken one of quietest appliances home, which can operate comfortably as you sleep.

Does it have adjustable racks?dishwasher racks rusting

Apart from its capacity, the nature of racks that a dishwasher has will determine the amount of dishes that it can hold in a single wash. Adjustable racks give the kind of versatility that you will surely enjoy but they come in varieties too.

Some racks can be lowered and raised to reduce the space or create more room for holding utensils such as oversized dinner plates, bulky serving dishes and long-stemmed glasses. Yet still, there are rack systems which allow you to fold part of the upper rack or remove it entirely so that you optimize the use of space.

The delay start feature

This feature allows the user to load the dishwasher and preset it so that it runs at the most convenient time. This is a good option when you wish to run the appliance at some point, say during the day when there is little demand for the household water.

Does it have a child safety feature?

This is perhaps one of the most important things for people that have children.

Some dishwasher brands included an automatic locking mechanism which prevents opening of the door when the dishwasher is running. Further more there are some which have a coded lock mechanism to prevent stray fingers from starting and stopping the appliance when it is running.

dishwasher safety switch

Does it have the energy star rating?energy star dishwasher

The best dishwasher in the market must have an energy star rating. Before they reach the market they must be tested to determine how energy efficient they are.

Seeing an energy star rating on a dishwasher, therefore, is an unbiased review indicating that it is highly efficient in energy usage.

Temperature levels

Just because it uses hot water, it does not mean that a dishwasher is similar to the rest. The temperature of water inside the dishwasher determines the level of sanitization that you expect. For better cleaning go for a dishwasher which heats the water up to 140° F.

What about its tub?

The size and materials of the tub are equally important to the efficiency of a dishwasher. Stainless steel tubs are the most prevalent because they have a number of advantages.

Such tubs are durable, they withstand very high temperatures, they resist rust, they provide better noise insulation and most importantly, they boast of superior heat retention which speeds up the drying process.

Filters and food disposals

best dishwasher with hard food disposer

This feature is only available in a few brands, allowing you to load heavily soiled utensils without passing them through the pre-rinsing stage. Filters will trap food remains, grind and flush them away.

Conclusively, a dishwasher is a feature-loaded kitchen appliance, with each addition increasing its functionality. Whether you need the basics or rather more advanced features, it is important to know the features that delineate modern from traditional dishwashers.

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