Modern Household – 5 Appliances You Shouldn’t Live Without

The constant development in technology provides shortcuts in every aspect of our modern lives. With everything becoming digital, we can have virtually anything we want at the touch of a button.

While there are incredibly advanced gadgets available to deck your home with, there are also less extreme yet still modern appliances that will make you wonder why and how you’ve ever lived without them.

  1. Dishwasher

It’s that time of day again, where you want to relax but there’s a mountain of dishes waiting for you by the sink. For many households, this happens more than once a day, and no matter how often you have to face it, the task of washing up will never be anything other than mundane and tedious.

If only there was a way where all of your dishes could be cleaned, without having to wash and dry them manually in the sink. Well, there is a way, and it doesn’t involve hiring somebody to do it for you.


A growing number of households have installed a dishwasher. While the dishwasher may not seem like the most advanced appliance, anybody that owns one will agree that it’s life-changing. Just chuck your dishes and cutlery etc. inside and run a cycle at the end of the day, and voila!

Some argue that dishwashers aren’t as good for the environment, but it’s said that they may not use as much water as we think. In larger households especially, it may be more efficient to run 1 daily dishwasher cycle than to use a sink full of water to wash up several times a day. It’s also said that dishwashers can be used to clean a multitude of other things as well as dishes, including clothes and other household objects.

  1. Microwave

Ding! What was that? The sound of your entire dinner being cooked in just 3 minutes? While you may argue that the microwave is an obvious staple in any household, and while most homes probably do own one, there’s a reason why.

For many people, especially workers who don’t get home until later, dinner is often seen more as a chore than any form of enjoyment. And with such a huge selection of microwavable ready meals that are actually nutritious and even taste pretty good available in all supermarkets, there seems no need to have to slave over the oven all evening, when all you want to do is put your feet up.


Not only are microwaves great for cooking meals, but they can be used as a nifty shortcut alternative to the hob when cooking or baking. From making porridge/oatmal to melting chocolate, heating up liquids and even baking mug cakes, the microwave is a definite staple in any modern household.

  1. Tumble Dryer

Gone are the days of hanging out your washing in the garden and hoping that it won’t rain. Well, that’s if your home is equipped with a tumble dryer, of course. There are different types of tumble dryer ranging in price, which allows you to choose one that’s convenient for you and your lifestyle.

A condenser dryer collects moisture from the laundry in a reservoir which needs to be emptied when full, while vented dryers remove the steam through a vent or a house which can be positioned outside through a window. Condenser dryers are generally more popular due to their convenience, as vented dryers must be positioned either near a vent or near a window.

Tumble Dryer

There are criticisms that both condenser dryers and vented dryers aren’t very good for the environment. However, it’s said that heat pump dryers are meant to be much more eco-friendly and are more efficient for the environment. Using ‘heat pump technology’, these dryers are said to consume less energy as the drying temperature is lower, and are quieter, gentler and less expensive to run.

  1. Handheld / cordless vacuum cleaner

There’s no doubt about it, vacuum cleaners are an essential tool in every household. However, the standard vacuum may be slowly dying out now that they’re available without any cables or cords.

Wave goodbye to tripping over the vacuum’s cables and almost sustaining a serious injury, bid farewell to getting the cords stuck round the corner and having to yank it in round with force, and say goodbye to the inevitable unplugging of said cable due to having to pull it around the corners.

cordless vacuum cleaner

With a range of shapes, sizes and functions, from handheld vacuums for smaller jobs to the standard size cordless vacuum cleaner, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t made this purchase earlier as you glide around the house with ease. Hey, hoovering may actually become an enjoyable task.

  1. Air Conditioner

Of course, not all households need air conditioning, and this may not be an essential for everyone. However, people living in hotter countries and more southern states can definitely benefit from air conditioning.

Hot weather can be nice, if it’s a novelty or on a holiday. However, when you have to face months of uncomfortable heat all day every day, air conditioners may become a necessity. If it’s too hot to leave the house, you don’t want to be sitting around sweating all day, and the heat can become a huge distraction. Furthermore, there’s nothing worse than hot, sweaty, uncomfortable nights where sleep isn’t even guaranteed.

Air Conditioner

You’ve probably tried every possible method of cooling down: stripping your clothes off until you’re half naked, drinking a cold drink, eating frozen goods or even resorting to an ice bath. Ultimately, however, in these desperate times, the only long-term solution is air conditioning, which will soon become your best friend once it’s installed in your home.

Whether they’re portable or built-in, if they’re smaller fan style coolers or big towering mobile coolers, these are staples in all hot-weather households, especially in the height of summer.

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