Ideas on How to Smartly Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is an important room in your house, especially if you have a passion for baking or cooking. The kitchen is a room that is used every single day, which means that it can get untidy very quickly.

We all know how dirty kitchens can get from cooking and preparing food, and how quickly this happens, but this guide will focus on how to keep the kitchen tidy as opposed to just clean.

Of course, cleaning the kitchen is an obligatory task, and the next step after cleaning it is organizing it, and making it look presentable. While you may have cleaned each part of the kitchen, this hard work can be overshadowed if it’s cluttered, almost putting that hard work to waste.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to organizing and tidying up the kitchen, but once you have a structure, you can make it look smart in no time at all. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to make organizing your kitchen a fun, long-lasting task.

How to Smartly Organize Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen lack order?

Probably the biggest improvement you can make to your kitchen to make it look smarter and tidier is to give the room a structure.

A lot of the time, kitchens become untidy because items don’t have a designated place to be stored, and you end up just putting things on the counter, or jumbling everything up.

If you rearrange and order everything in the kitchen so that each cupboard, drawer or shelf is used for specific items, you’ll find that it’s easier to maintain a tidy kitchen, because everything has its own place to go.

This will also make it much easier when it comes to finding the item again; no longer will you be searching high and low for something, and making more of a mess in the process.

tidy kitchen

Do you just throw things into the cupboard where they’re hidden away?

Too many of us make the mistake of thinking that just because things are hidden behind cupboards or cabinets, they’re not messy. Just because you can’t see them from the room, they’re still there, and once you open that cupboard, the mess from there will overshadow the otherwise tidy kitchen.

In addition to just being messy, it’s also very inconvenient for you. Instead of spending ages rummaging through the cupboard and worsening the mess, you could hang a shoe organizer over the door.

This is useful for cleaning products, food that you have stocked up on, cereal, or any other small items that are currently just sitting in a messy heap in the cupboard. The shoe organizer provides ‘pockets’ for each item to sit in, making it much easier to find, and much quicker to just grab and then put back.

By doing this, it also makes extra room inside the cupboard, where you can store bigger items that would otherwise clutter the kitchen, making the whole room look tidier and potentially bigger.

shoe organizer over the door in kitchen

Want to find a convenient place to store books so that they’re on display, but don’t have enough space?

There are some things that complete a kitchen, such as recipe books, manuals or magazines, just to name a few. These don’t really want to be hidden away, but they don’t want to be left sitting on the counter either, where they’ll just take up place, get dirty and make the kitchen look cluttered.

A possible solution to this would be to install shelves. Shelves are great for storing things like this, as they can look aesthetically pleasing but also save space and prevent the room from looking messy.

It would be advised, however, to keep the shelves as far away from the oven as possible. This will prevent grease, fat and humidity from the oven damaging the books and giving them a sticky film.

 kitchen shelves

Are your aprons, oven gloves and tea towels just scattered around picking up grease from the oven?

A lot of people store their aprons, oven gloves and tea towels on the handle of their oven, or on the handles of draws or cupboards. This, however, can be disadvantageous as they can easily pick up dirt and become unclean quickly.

Also, these locations may not be too secure, leading the items to fall off onto the floor, and they’re not always returned to this place due to its inconvenience.

If this is a problem for you, then it may be advised to install pegs onto the wall where you can hang them up properly. These pegs can also be stuck onto the door to save even more space. However, in order to prevent them gathering grease/grime, they should be placed at least 2 feet away from the oven.

aprons scattered in kitchen

Need to wrap something up quickly, but can never find the cling film, foil or bags?

When you’re packing leftovers or wrapping up a sandwich to take to work the next day, you want to be quick. However, this can be problematic when you have to search for some cling film, foil or a sandwich bag, because you forgot where you last put it.

This can be solved if you store all of these items together in the same place, and return them there after you’ve used them. A drawer might be a good storage location, but you could alternatively stick a magazine holder to the inside of a cupboard door to act as a convenient pocket for them.

magazine holder in kitchen

Are your pots and pans just thrown together in a cupboard, making it impossible to take one out without them all falling out?

Crash! Clang! Ouch! These are all familiar sounds to anybody who just throws their pots and pans into a cupboard. It’s an ordeal trying to take out what you need without playing a game of Kitchen Jenga, and it’s even more tricky trying to find pot or pan that you need.

This can be solved, however, by hanging your pots and pans high up. This not only makes the kitchen look pleasing to the eye, but it makes them much easier to access, find and put back. Furthermore, it creates more space and saves a lot of room.

pots and pans into a cupboard

Want your kitchen to not only look smart and tidy, but also artistic and eye-catching?

Once you’ve achieved and maintained a tidy kitchen, you’ll want to show it off to everyone. And although a clean kitchen will catch people’s eyes and make them envious, some people might want to go the extra mile to make their kitchen stand out from everybody else’s.

Kitchen appliances, utensils and cookware come in a variety of different materials, colours and patterns. A popular way of making the kitchen look artistic and eye-catching is to have a colour theme, so that everything matches. This isn’t a necessity in any way, but it’s a suggestion if you really want your kitchen to stand out and catch eyes.

eye-catching kitchen

Are you constantly losing track of where you put certain foods?

A good structure and system is essential when it comes to organizing the kitchen. Of course, cold food is stored in the refrigerator or the freezer, but when it comes to dry food and packets, things can get jumbled up and cluttered in your kitchen cabinets.

Firstly, it’s advised to start fresh when it comes to organizing your kitchen cabinets; take out all the food and dispose of the things you’d forgotten about which have been out-of-date for the past few years.

This is a time-consuming job but the results will be so effective when you’ve finished, and this system will be long-lasting, making all the time and effort completely worth it.

After you’ve cleared out all the food you don’t need, ‘file’ the food away in categories that you’ll remember such as food groups. This will make them so much easier to find, and will speed up the time it takes to pack groceries away. Also, to prevent your cupboards from overflowing and looking untidy again, keep tabs on what you have and when things have expired.

kitchen cabinets

Do you want to make everyday items look more pleasing to the eye?

There are some foods that are used regularly, such as sugar, herbs, spices, oats, seeds, pasta, cereal and other small ingredients. However, while they are nice to have out permanently, they don’t exactly look nice in their big boxes. This uses up unnecessary space and makes the kitchen look untidy.

Instead, these foods could be stored in more convenient containers. A popular trick used in kitchens is to store this sort of thing in kilner jars which can be labelled if needs be. Kilner jars are airtight and take up less room, and often look much more presentable than boxes.

Labels can look even more eye-catching, and may be beneficial if the item isn’t easily recognizable. Here, you can also write any expiration dates or extra information.

kilner jars

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