Best Appliances for Aspiring Home Chefs

Anybody can learn how to cook, and it’s a beneficial skill to have. With the growing market manufacturing kitchen appliances and an increasing amount of TV chefs and recipe books, you can improve your culinary skills from the comfort of your own home.

Although you might have a passion for cooking, it can become a drag if you have to put in unnecessary amounts of effort and time into it. With the appliances listed in this guide, you can continue to wow your family and friends with your increasingly developed skills and dishes, whatever your budget is.

Home Chefs


Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX7 DishDrawer ReviewAspiring home chefs will produce a large amount of washing up, because they’ll be cooking and experimenting a lot. This is fine, but the growing pile of dirty dishes can become very daunting, and may even put chefs off from using the amount of equipment they need, or from cooking as much as they’d like to.

Slaving away in the kitchen takes a lot of effort as it is, and the prospect of having to wash up tons of dishes afterwards is likely to ruin the experience. This is why the dishwasher is an essential appliance for any aspiring home chef or baker.

Worried that a dishwasher is too expensive and will use up too much energy and water? If you think about it, you’ll actually be saving energy and water from using a dishwasher.

You can probably wash all of your equipment up in one load at the end of the day with a dishwasher. In comparison, you’d probably need to fill several washing up bowls throughout the day if you wash up by hand. Subsequently, in the long-run, the dishwasher can save water, time, effort and even money off of your water bill.

High quality skillet

You may be used to cooking with standard frying pans, and sure, these may do the job well. However, some chefs argue that skillets get the job done to a slightly better standard.

High quality fully clad skillets may cost a bit more, but it’s a purchase that you won’t regret! Skillets made from non-reactive stainless steel and aluminium have been shown to conduct heat much better, be more lightweight and they cook the food much more evenly.

fully clad skillets

With a skillet, you can wave goodbye to unevenly cooked meals. Paying slightly more for a higher quality skillet will ensure that it lasts longer and is much easier to manoeuvre, making cooking much more enjoyable.

Food processor

Food processorA food processor is a great appliance, especially if you’re interested in making your own sauces, dips, soups, spreads or pasta dough. There’s a long list of ways you can use a food processor, whether you want to slice, chop, puree and crush food quickly, or if you want to grind meat easily.

With hundreds of food processor recipes available, you can continue to impress your dinner party guests with your skills which will be easily developed from this gadget.

Next time somebody asks where you bought your pesto, hummus or salsa, you’ll be able to proudly say that you made it from scratch, and the food processor will soon become one of your favourite kitchen helpers.

Stand mixers

Stand mixersStand mixers are a very versatile appliance and its potential uses are endless. The stand mixer is a popular and beneficial gadget amongst bakers and chefs alike, with adaptable features and accessories that can be used for a multitude of different tasks.

The general use of a stand mixer is to mix ingredients together, which is evident from its name, and is popular amongst bakers for making cakes.

However, they often come with attachments/accessories, and these can be used to make dough, roll and make pasta, juice fruits, grind food, stuff sausages, puree and strain vegetables, slice and shred, make ice cream and even grind grains.

Buy a stand mixer and this one gadget can potentially replace a number of your other kitchen appliances, and it will save you time and effort so you can experiment with tons of different recipes.

Electric griddle

Electric griddles are perhaps not a standard appliance found in many kitchens, but if you’re cooking a lot regularly, then they can be highly beneficial, especially for aspiring chefs with a lot of mouths to feed.

With an electric griddle, you can cook a lot more in one go, without having to use multiple pans. Furthermore, you can find electric griddles for a very acceptable price, so you don’t have to spend loads.

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