Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Reviews

You have to eat to live, but if you’re constantly eating off of dirty dishes, you can be doing a lot more harm to your health than you may think. When it comes to getting dishes clean, you really have two options. You can either scrub for hours with your dish soap and an abrasive pad, or you can rely on modern technology like the dishwasher. However, not all dishwashers save you the same amount of stress. We have found that the Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher tops the pack when it comes to affordable dish cleaning solutions for your home.You may just be moving into your home and buying a dishwasher for the first time. You may just be looking to upgrade your current dishwashing situation. In either case, the Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher is by no means your only option. In fact, the internet abounds with dishwasher models to choose from. Who can you trust?

Fortunately, we have compiled our top contenders for the title of the best dishwasher on the market. We have even set the Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher head to head against its top competition to illustrate why we believe you will be most satisfied with the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher.

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What Is the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher?kenmore ultra wash dishwasher parts


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The Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite represents the best washing and rinsing technology that can be purchased for around the one thousand dollar range. In all the tests run by our confederates, the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite either matches or out-competes similarly priced dishwashers.

In particular, the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite was able to remove grime from plates labeled “ultra-grimy” in the wash tests. That means you don’t have to spend double the amount of time washing your dishes before you put them into the dishwasher. It may seem crazy that certain dishwashers require additional hand washing to get their plates clean, but we’ve all been to those houses where you’re expected to clean your plate in the sink before their dishwasher does the work.

The Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite provides reliable cleaning and capacious internal storage. Plus, it comes from a trusted manufacturer with a warranty that helps puts the mind at ease. But will the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite fit in your home? Let’s take a look at the specs…

Product Specs

The Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite measures about 23.75 inches across, meaning it is nearly two feet wide. The whole unit stands at about 33.625 inches tall. Inside, the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite contains internal dimensions of 33.5 inches high and 24 inches wide, with a depth of an additional 24 inches.

Altogether, this provides you with a whopping 26 752 inches cubed of internal space to fit your dishes into. For the layman, the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite contains just about 15.5 cubic feet of internal space. In other words, you have enough internal space to do dishes after a whole party full of people.

Materials and Construction

The Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite weighs 81.6 lbs, but it ships a little heavier. The tub is made from stainless steel and the rack is composed of nylon to avoid clingy foods and gunk. The stainless steel handles and exterior make it a winner in nearly any kitchen layout.

Power Consumption

We know power consumption is a major concern for our readers. You can expect your  Expect to pay a little less if you have a gas water heater. This model is estimated to draw about 258-kilowatt hours of power per year.


In terms of features, the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite comes with a manual-clean filter, automatic temperature control, cycle status lights, and a rinse aid dispenser indicator. All that, and you can pair your dishwasher with your Amazon Alexa.

Warranty and Other Considerations

The Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Elite is not known for breaking down, but it certainly helps ease the mind that Kenmore provides a 13-month warranty for their product. The only other major item of note is that this model puts out only 44 decibels of noise when it is running. There is practically no dishwasher that runs quieter, especially not for its price point

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • KitchenAid KDTE334GPS Dishwasher
  • Electrolux EI24ID81SS Dishwasher
  • Bosch 500 Series

KitchenAid KDTE334GPS Dishwasher

KitchenAid KDTE334GPS 39dB Stainless Built-in Dishwasher with Third...
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

This KitchenAid model just squeaked under the price of the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher, but not by enough to cover its lack of features nor its poor performance in wash tests. Many of those who bought this product have since come to regret it, and many find themselves hand washing the dishes they thought they bought a machine for.

Ease of Use It is easy to use. However, because it often requires some amount of hand washing before or after use.
Installation No problems arose when installing this unit, however, it also did not meet the absolute standards of utility in this department.
Design Quality Aesthetically, we like this model. Many stores site it as a “best seller” for just this reason.
Warranty Unfortunately, as many users have pointed out: the failure for the dishwasher to clean dishes does not constitute a “functional failure” under the conditions of the warranty. This seems like no warranty at all in our book.


  • Cheaper than the Kenmore Ultra Wash
  • Easy to install
  • Nice outward appearance


  • Does not clean dishes well
  • Not well supported by their manufacturer

Electrolux EI24ID81SS Dishwasher

EI24ID81SS 24" Built-In Dishwasher with Wave-Touch Controls Energy...
  • Width: 23 3/4 Inch,Depth: 24 1/4 Inch, Height: 33 3/4 Inch
  • ENERGY STAR qualified means 41% less energy used so you save money on your energy costs
  • Holds 14 place settings plus features the largest usable capacity in its class, so even your dinner party dishware fits....

The Electrolux is a simply wonderful choice for a mid-range washer on the market today. It has a relatively low price compared with some similarly designed equivalents. Not to mention, the range of features on this well-designed product has quite the spread. The washer does lose some points in the ease of use category due to only average consideration, but more than makes up for the loss in the warranty section.

Ease of Use Everyone can agree that with the combined use of new technology and solid design choices, this product is a dream to use. More than just simple, the spacious design allows for both large pots and smaller items. So, you will not catch yourself running this dishwasher twice in hopes of avoiding a hand wash.
Installation Even for a top tier company, the installation is quicker than you might expect. The washer comes with an easy-to-use instruction guide if you want to do it yourself. However, there are always services willing to help if necessary.
Design Quality The cleverly designed washer has 9 cycles to choose between, making every load of dishes specially tailored to fit your needs every time. The cycles even include a Perfect Stemware Cycle ensured to keep your dishes sparkling and unbroken. Not to mention, the material of the dishwasher is Stainless Steel, an easy to use and clean design decision.

This dishwasher has tons of features to satisfy any house owner. The product includes a cutlery tray and protection from leaks. But do not worry! Despite having it all, this washer will not have an unexpected consequence, the washer has a low noise level rating and has meet energy star qualifications.

Warranty The washer is covered with the Platinum Star Limited Warranty. This company warranty is an exclusive offer only on sale for a limited time. It is a wonderful deal, considering that the warranty includes 3-year coverage on all parts. In addition, the warranty covers a year of labor on the product.

Not many washers for a price as low as the Electrolux have such wonderful warranties, making this washer a phenomenal deal.


  • Great warranty
  • Wonderful design
  • Easy to use format
  • Material


  • Not the absolute cheapest
  • Not the highest model available

Bosch 500 Series

Bosch SHP865WD5N 500 Series Built In Fully Integrated Dishwasher with...
  • Stainless Steel Interior W/ FlexSpace Tines
  • 16 Place Settings / 5 Wash Cycles / 5 Wash Options
  • Flexible 3rd Rack With Fold Down Sides

The Bosch has a very specific set of advantages and disadvantages compared to other models on the market. The price is almost exactly the same as the Electrolux washer, however, this washer has a few more energy considerations and long-term uses than the competitors.

Nevertheless, the warranty on this product is not quite as good as the other products on our list. Ultimately, it ends up with an average score, earning a hard-working place in homes all across the USA.

Ease of Use This product has an easy-to-use control panel that will be intuitive to even the first time user of the Bosch washer. There are no confusing switches or easily confused functions on the product compared with other models on the market.
Installation The installation for this product takes about average time to install, an hour and a half for the usual consumer. It is easy to do as the washer comes with an easily understand manual that will guide any newcomers straight through the process.
Design Quality Believe it or not, the Bosch is the quietest dishwasher brand in the USA, far outweighing the competitors; It has all the bells and whistles that are more than necessary these days, featuring an LED Remaining Time Display, 16 Place Settings, and a whopping total of 5 level washes.

Despite the ongoing list of features, the impact on your energy bill will be minimal. The total annual energy consumption is less than 300 kilowatts. Furthermore, the total annual water consumption is only about 620 gallons, earning this washer a tier one energy class efficiency.

The list continues, of features that make this washer a great buy for the average consumer. The tub material is 100 percent stainless steel with a fully integrated control style. Yes, this washer also includes a cutlery tray and a flexible third rack. It has energy star ratings and easy-to-use racks, earning this washer a wonderful rating on design quality.

Warranty The warranty here for the product is a bit of a drawback. While the warranty is not as high as the other products on this list, the warranty is fairly good for the price of the product. It has a limited 1-year guarantee on all parts and all labor.


  • Design quality is great
  • Material
  • Ease of use


  • Warranty could be better
  • Not the best fit for everyone


The final verdict of the best washer on the market today is fairly conclusive in selecting the Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher. It has so many great features, such as the manual-clean filter and a rinse-aid dispenser indicator that will improve the dishwashing experience of many consumers.

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