Best Dishwasher Detergent TabletsHey there… and Congrats!

If you’re here, then you are just a small step away from getting your free dishwasher detergent.

Let me explain how this worksit’s really simple.

I run a dishwashers reviews website here. So, one of the most important things is getting real feedback from actual users (that’s YOU) so that I keep my reviews objective and reflect your opinion.


  • you can write back with an honest opinion on the dishwasher you own
  • you can mention on your blog/website you got this gift from me and
  • if you are a fellow blogger or you just have a creative, fun idea on how to spread the word about this…

then you just got yourself a deal!

… And that’s actually all there is to it!

Use the Contact Me form or send an email to *georgedanir*@*gmail*.*com* (remove the * before sending) to let me know you want in.

Just simply send a short message with the subject line “I want my free dishwasher detergent”, and a couple of words about yourself like:

  • I blog at […],
  • I have a very popular Facebook (or other social platform) account […],
  • I … (insert your “super power”) […].

Looking forward to it,


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