Kitchen Cleaning Tips – How to Clean a Kitchen

Nobody can deny that household chores are a tedious task, but they’re a job that needs doing. Each room in the house have their own jobs that need doing, but the kitchen can become especially in need of cleaning, especially if you bake a lot or if you cook a lot.

Kitchens can get dirty very quickly, especially in busier households. Grease and grime can gather all around the kitchen from frying foods, and many appliances and storage units can become untidy and unclean over time, and stains and odours can also build if left unattended.

This article can act as a guide for those who want to organize and maintain their kitchen so that it’s clean and tidy, without having to dedicate an entire day once a year to make it seem like a mammoth task. These tips and tricks provide short-cuts and easy ways to clean different parts of the kitchen.

kitchen cleaning tips

Clean individual parts of your kitchen regularly

The first tip isn’t exactly specific, but is instead a general suggestion in order to maintain a tidy kitchen. Instead of letting all the dirt, grease, grime and stains develop and build until you’re left with a huge job of cleaning them, make sure you clean things regularly, before they become more of a problem.

Of course, there are simple tasks that should be completed regularly on an everyday basis, such as taking the bins out, wiping down counters and surfaces, mopping/sweeping the floor and washing up, or running a dishwasher cycle if you own one.

However, there are some tasks that not everybody thinks of doing, perhaps because they take more time or seem like a bigger job than they are, and these are listed below. If, however, you complete these tasks more regularly, they won’t become as big a task as you might previously think.

Clean individual parts

Is your kitchen full of out-of-date or forgotten food that nobody is going to eat?

It’s easy to forget about food that you’ve bought and just thrown into the fridge or shut away in the kitchen cabinets, especially if your household is larger. Sometimes, you start eating something but forget about it, where it’s pushed towards the back of the fridge/cupboard until you find it, or smell it, months later.

While this happens to all of us, it can make your cabinets and your fridge look unorganized and messy, with empty packets cluttering the place and out-of-date foods neglected at the back.

However, this problem can be solved easily, and it shouldn’t take too long if it’s maintained and done regularly. If you look through and empty your cabinets/fridge and sort through what you want to keep and what you want to throw out, you can then make it look much tidier and cleaner, allowing for a neater aesthetic and much more space.

empty your cabinets

Is your fridge in need of a clean? Have stains developed over time or it doesn’t smell as fresh as it used to?

After you’ve cleaned out and organized your fridge, you might want to consider cleaning it. After time, fridges can develop stains and dirt, and often unpleasant odours if you’ve forgotten about foods that have been left in there, as mentioned above.

It’s said that you can create an effective fridge-cleaning solution by combining 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a quarter of water. You can then use a sponge to wipe this solution across all the shelves, draws and general interior of the fridge. This solution can then be wiped off with a damp cloth, and the job is then done.

If there are unpleasant odours, it’s believed that storing an opened box of baking soda in the fridge will absorb any odours to make your fridge smell fresher.

clean the fridge

Have parts of your oven developed a greasy film that seems impossible to remove?

When you fry food, grease and oil often splatters on the top of the oven. Over time, this grime builds and hardens on the surface, so it’s advised that when this happens you should clean it immediately. You can do this using soap, sponge and warm water, or specially designed wipes.

You can remove parts of the oven, such as the gas burners, control knobs, vent filters, oven grates and the trays. These can be soaked in warm water and soap, with some needed specific soap or a scouring pad. Other parts of the oven can even be cleaned in your dishwasher, and the full details can be found here.

greasy oven

Is the interior of your microwave lined with splatter stains?

When we use the microwave, it’s usually because we want the task to be done quickly. However, some things, especially liquids, often splatter in the microwave, particularly if it’s been heated for too long.

This creates stains in the microwave, and over time, the interior becomes lined with a layer of dirt. However, it’s said that this can be cleaned quickly and easily by using vinegar.

It’s believed that the steam produced from microwaving a solution of vinegar and water for a few minutes will loosen the dirt, making it much easier to wipe clean with a cloth.

splatter stains microwave

Does your dishwasher feel like it needs a good clean?

Similarly, vinegar is also believed to be an effective cleaning agent for the dishwasher. After it’s been used a lot, dishwashers can become unclean and can adopt a fairly unpleasant odour.

However, it’s said that by running an empty dishwasher cycle with just a cup of white vinegar in it, it can clean the dishwasher and make it smell fresher.

clean the dishwasher

Have a spare bottle of Ketchup? Use it as a cleaning agent

You might be wondering how Ketchup could possibly be used to clean, but it’s said that when rubbed with a cloth over metal, such as copper or brass fixtures or pots and pans, it can remove any tarnish. After applying the ketchup, you simply rinse it with warm water to make it look good as new.

Do you find it impossible to clean your cheese grater without spending a ridiculous amount of time doing so?

The cheese grater: also known as the bane of any washer-upper’s life. As handy as the cheese grater is, it can be a nightmare trying to wash it and remove every morsel trapped in the miniscule grates.

However, next time you find yourself scrubbing away and ripping the sponge to shreds in the process, consider using a clean pastry brush to glide between the grates and clean if effectively and quickly.

clean cheese grater

Have lots of cups and saucers stained by tea and coffee?

Any tea or coffee drinker can relate to having various mugs and saucers covered in tea or coffee stains. However, before giving up hope and accepting that these stains are permanent, consider this tip to remove them.

It’s said that there are a couple of methods that can be used to remove these stains; if you’re cleaning a china cup/saucer, then scrubbing an equal solution of vinegar and salt is believed to remove them.

Alternatively, you can remove the stains from standard mugs/cups/saucers by wetting it with cold water and then sprinkling baking soda to completely stick to and cover the stains. After leaving it for several minutes, you can then wipe the stains with a cloth or sponge to fully remove them.

clean stained saucers

Are the fronts of your cabinets becoming sticky or greasy from grime that has gathered from cooking?

If you fry a lot, you might start to notice a greasy layer over the fronts of your cabinets, making them feel sticky and grimy. Though this isn’t unusual, it can be solved and removed easily.

You can allegedly wipe over your cabinet using a wet rag or cloth. However, if you have wooden cabinets, it may be advised to use a more specific cleaning product designed for wood, such as wipes.

clean sticky cabinets

Does your sink have a garbage disposal that isn’t draining properly?

Many modern sinks have electronic ‘garbage disposals’ which has blades that allows you to put waste down it. This is a convenient installation but after regular use, it can get a little blocked up, making it difficult to drain properly.

However, by unblocking and cleaning the garbage disposal every so often, you can make it run smoothly and even sharpen the blades. Allegedly, in order to do this, you can make ice cubes from vinegar, put them down the disposal and pour boiling water to dissolve them.

clean the sink

Do you struggle to keep your kitchen and your cleaning products organized?

Most of the tips mentioned are specific and are for close details that may not be seen at first glance. However, the overall aesthetic appearance of your kitchen is also important in making it look clean, and it will also help you to stay organized and maintain a tidy kitchen.

As well as keeping the floors, surfaces, cupboards and kitchen appliances clean and tidy, it’s good to have a system of where to keep and store everything. This will make things easy to find, and it will prevent clutter.

In order of organizing the cleaning products, a DIY hack is to hang a shoe organizer over a cupboard door to store them. Cleaning products can get cluttered and hard to find when they’re just thrown into a cupboard, but a shoe organizer provides ‘pockets’ for each product, making them easy to grab as well as being neatly arranged.


shoe organizer cleaning products

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