Magic Chef Mcscd6W1 – Is This Countertop Dishwasher Efficient? – Here Is What Customers Say – Full Review and Ratings

Petra Industries, Inc – Consumer Electronics Replen is a well known company for its state-of-the-art products.

Magic Chef Mcscd6W1 countertop dishwasher is one of their latest released products – let’s check the full specs in this review:

Weight and dimensions

24.8 inches wide, 26.7 inches deep and 24.2 inches in height.

Its average weight totals to 49.6 pounds.countertop dishwasher machine

Installation type


It comes with an faucet adapter that makes it easy to install.

Retractable hoses (the 70-inch inlet hose and the 47-inch outlet hose) are included in the connect assembly kit.

Control console

Full panel.

Wash arms and tray type

Five wash cycle options. – heavy, light, speed, soak and normal.

One removable rack/tray.

Accommodate six place settings.

Foldable tines make it easy to load different-sized plates, cutlery and other odd shaped items.

Material type

Stainless steel tub.countertop dishwasher machine

Special features

This Magic Chef dishwasher is a very efficiently dishwasher. As any compact model, its portability is important so that you can store away when no using it. It fits under a kitchen cabinet or even next to the sink.

The electronic controls are positioned on the front panel, making it very easy to select the desired wash cycle.  It features a detergent and rinse aid dispenser. The water sensor is a welcome addition and it regulates the volume of water needed for a cycle.

The fast-connect assembly kit includes a 70 inch inlet hose and 47 inch outlet hose, making the installation a breeze.

Unfortunately it’s not equipped with an internal heating unit so you’ll have to deal with the drying manually. The anti-flood device ensures that the water does not overflow in the tub.

On the downside, it doesn’t have a delay start feature so you cannot set it to run over the night, however it’s quite quiet, running even at 55 decibels.magic chef dishwashers


Customer reviews


“I would give five stars without a second thought. Ever since I purchased the Magic Chef countertop dishwasher I freed up a lot of time to spend with my family instead of doing dishes by hand. I am dearly grateful to my friend for recommending it. The manufacturer’s manual explained everything perfectly. Other customer reviews also regard it as an efficient appliance and this was one of the main reasons for considering this one over a SPT model. My kitchenware is left spotless, thanks to this heaven-sent machine.”


“Do not be deceived by its small size – it performs excellently. I hate doing the dishesso it’s my ultimate savior.”


“I used to have a 18 inch integrated model – but it simply was too much for me and my fiancee. This compact model is exactly what I needed – it’s quiet and simple to use… and keep clean for that matter.”


“…even the shipping was a complete success and installation has never been this easy. From where I’m standing it deserves a five-star rating.”


  • Compact and portable
  • Performs great – utensils come out spotless
  • It has five wash cycles.
  • checkEffortless to install and equally easy to operate.
  • checkGreat manual provided.
  • checkCool design


  • Its tub is not big enough to hold pans and pots.
  • List The machine lacks a heating unit for drying utensils.

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