The Smart Home Industry: Trends and Innovations

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Until recently, the very idea of ‘smart’ products seemed almost alien to us, a concept that perhaps wouldn’t be possible for decades, if then. However, since the launch of the first Apple iPhone in 2007, the smartphone has become the mainstream, and there are now tons of smartphone manufacturers competing on the market. Every year … Read more

Productivity – How to Save Time with Technology

Technology is always developing, and the pace in which it’s growing is also increasing. The growth in the technology market means more products, with upgrades being manufactured and released on a much more regular basis. There are many benefits to this growth in technology; gadgets become more convenient to use, their design is often sleeker … Read more

From Smart Phones to Smart Everything – The Impact that ‘The Internet of Things’ is Having on Our Everyday Objects

The Internet of Things and Dishwashers

When you think back to just one decade ago, you can see how much has changed and how technology has developed, and how rapidly it has done so. The first ever phone was invented in 1876, and almost 100 years later the first mobile phone call was made in 1973. A further 10 years later, … Read more

Encyclopedia of Dishwasher Parts and Accessories

Dishwashers have a tremendous impact on everyday life. They are more hygienic and efficient than hand-washing – that’s a fact. They save water, energy and time! But do you know what they’re made of? They have a lot of parts. Here’s a complete list of all the various dishwasher parts (in alphabetical order) and the roles they perform. … Read more

5 Common Problems With Dishwashers – Repair it Yourself or Hire the Services of a Professional

Like any other appliance, the dishwasher sometimes does not work as it is supposed to. Fortunately, many dishwasher problems have easy solutions that don’t require a visit from a technician. Here are some of the common dishwasher problems that you might end up having: 1. Strange noise Most dishwashers will make some noise unless you’ve … Read more

How to Fix a Dishwasher That Won’t Clean Properly

water spray arms

Even a relatively new dishwasher can create problems if it you don’t clean it periodically. In fact, the main reason the dishwasher doesn’t clean properly is that one or more parts are either covered by old soap residue or have lime and hard water deposits blocking the holes of the water spray arms. Therefore, the best … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Dishwasher Cycles

The dishwasher’s control panel has a number of cycles and you may probably wonder whether you will need to use all of them. Ranging from “Speed 60” and “SaniWash” to “Normal” and “Sensor” – it can be very difficult to know which one to use. One of the easiest ways to find out about each … Read more

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Dishwasher?

Sharp Edge Utensils

With a dishwashing unit on standby, the process of washing your dishes can prove to be extremely easy to say the least. However, there are a few things you need to be weary of, mistakes that can degrade the efficiency of your unit and shorten its lifespan. Here are 11 of the most common dishwashing related mistakes that … Read more

A Definitive Guide to Dishwasher Features

A couple of years back, dishwashers were listed among the luxury home appliances but over time, they have evolved into must-have machines which save a lot of time and increase the functionality of modern kitchens. As you head to the shops, you will discover that dishwashers prices differ, a disparity that is mostly brought about by … Read more

The Evolution of Dishwasher Technology

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It’s common knowledge that before the invention of the dishwasher, all people were washing utensils by hand. With all the bells and whistles which characterize the modern dishwasher, it is important to remember that this appliance (that simplifies life in the kitchen) has a long and rich history. Regardless of its impressive functionality and sleek lines, … Read more