Best Built-in Dishwasher

There is a plethora of dishwashers, varying in design, size, price and efficiency on the market today.

Figuring out what is the best built-in unit for you can get somewhat complicated. So, in order to make things simple, here is a list of the top 4 most appreciated.

Scan their features, pros, cons and customer opinion to figure out which the best fit for your specific needs.

Best 4 Built-in Dishwasher Reviews

1. Bosch SHP65T55UC Fully Integrated Dishwasher


  • It has a big tub, made of stainless steel
  • The tub can accommodate a large number of dishes.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • This Bosch dishwasher has a 3rd rack, meant to increase the loading capacity.
  • Up to 16 place setting capacity.
  • The LED display shows the remaining time.
  • The upper rack (RackMatic technology) features 3 height adjustments.
  • 9 unique rack positions.
  • When it comes to performance, the Bosch SHP65T55UC is the quietest unit in the industry producing only 44dBA.
  • For additional flexibility, the machine has 5 wash programs and 5 options.
  • The detergent tray maximizes the rate of dissolving.
  • No more detergent left on the dishes.
  • It features a load size sensor which automatically adjust the wash temperature
  • Effectively eliminates all bacteria.
  • Energy Star certified as it only uses 259 kWh per year.
  • Half Load Option for small loads.


  • Easy to install (although some plumbing and basic electricity connection skills are required for initial set-up).
  • Highly efficient.
  • Quiet and safe to operate
  • Environment-friendly
  • Maximized tub space
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  • A normal cycle takes 130-135 minutes (considered a bit slow).

2. GE GDT580SMFES Fully Integrated Dishwasher

GE GIDDS-118576 Built-In Dishwasher, Black, 5 Cycles/2 Options
  • This product is highly durable
  • This product adds a great value
  • This product is manufactured in United states


  • This dishwasher runs quiet at 48 dBA
  • The status light lets you know when it is running.
  • It has a strong rack that fully extends on ball bearings
  • Loading and unloading is smooth and simple.
  • The upper rack has 2 stem safe shelves.
  • You can adjust the upper rack 2 inches up or down to create space for tall glasses as well as large plates.
  • The interior is fully made of stainless steel
  • Long-lasting tub.
  • It has a cutlery basket that splits in three;
  • Numerous tines.
  • It comes with 16-place settings and 10 options.
  • 4 wash cycles.
  • The GDT580SMFES has two options for increasing wash temperature.
  • Boost/sanitize, steam prewash, heated dry
  • 1 to 12-hour delay
  • Control lock.
  • There is also an option to set the dishwasher to cover only the upper or lower rack. This helps save water.
  • This Energy Star rated dishwasher uses 275 kWh per year and 3.8 gallons of water per wash.


  • Has an adjustable upper rack (more loading space).
  • Well built stainless steel interior (durable)
  • Gentle on glass
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy and water efficient
  • You can buy it online at Amazon and get a good offer


  • Gets a bit hot while drying dishes

3. Fisher Paykel DD24DCX7 Full Console Dishwasher

Fisher Paykel DD24DCX7 DishDrawer 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated...
  • 14 Place Settings
  • 9 Wash Cycles featuring Eco Option
  • 163 Degree Sanitizing Temperature


  • Patented SmartDrive technology
  • Brushless DC motor
  • This model is relatively taller than other standard washers
  • Accommodates large 13 inch diameter plates.
  • Has a uniquely designed rack that holds long utensils and folds away when it’s necessary to free up space.
  • Innovative detergent technology
  • The detergent passes through the dispenser before the washing begins.
  • The detergent is thoroughly dissolved, for faster result and cleaner dishes.
  • The tub and interior are built with EZKleen stainless steel – easy to clean and maintain.
  • This Energy Star certified dish washer uses only two gallons of water per wash and 141 kWh per annum.
  • Energy Star Certified, categorized as CEE tier 1.
  • See more pictures and customer ratings on


  • Spacious – fits odd shaped utensils and pots
  • Never leaves detergent spots on dishes
  • Highly energy efficient, consumes 50% less power than its competitors
  • Has a sleek design and easy to clean surface
  • Family friendly, thanks to its key lock and child lock options


  • Not the best for very large families.

4. Whirlpool WDF320PADW Dishwasher


  • Remember the last cycle you selected, and sets the same for the new washing session.
  • The 1-Hour wash cycle cleans dishes in half the regular time.
  • The patented AccuSense soil sensor technology automatically assesses how dirty your dishes are and adjusts the wash cycle as needed to ensure all dishes come out sparkling clean.
  • High-Temp wash option – helps loosen dried-on food.
  • The superior, rotating spray arms ensure water is sprayed evenly without wasting water.
  • Features 13 place settings;
  • Enough to serve an average or large family.
  • Has a touch-pad control panel on the top front-side.
  • Energy Star rated
  • Ranked among the best energy savers  – usage of 260 kWh per year which is 5% lower than average.
  • Needs only 710 gallons of water per year which is 3% lower than the average.


  • Quite efficient dish cleaning thanks to its high-temperature wash cycle.
  • Has 3 wash cycles and 4 wash options.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Its fully-digital control console makes it very easy to operate.
  • AccuSense soil sensor technology ensures sparkling dishes every time
  • High energy- and water efficiency makes it a low-cost unit
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  • 55 dBA (slightly louder than the other).


Looking for the best built-in dishwasher on the market?

The above mentioned units have high ratings, good consumer reviews and are among the most reliable.

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