Best built-in dishwashers above $1500

If you’re considering one of the dishwashers reviewed below then that means you don’t care much about the fact that you’re going to pay 1500 bucks or more, you just want the absolute best.

The most advanced features, stylish design, efficient, silent and durable are just some of the treats you’ll get with these expensive models. They are the revolutionaries in the industry and they set the pace for the new-generation dishwashers.

Enough said. Let’s see them all thoroughly reviewed and compared so that you can finally make an informed decision and buy the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle.


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Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher

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Absolute Best

Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher By KitchenAid

WWS  Conserver XL Dishwasher

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Splurge Option

WWS ConserverXL DishwasherbyJackson


Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher in Stainless Steel,Ultra-Fine Filter, 43 dBA

Architect Series II

By KitchenAid


  • Electronic touch controls are located at the top
  • The “Whisper Quiet” system makes the dishwasher silently operate at 43 dBA.
  • The ProWash cycle ensures exceptional cleaning.
  • You’ll save energy, water and money on your utility bills because this dishwasher is Energy Star Rated.
  • Tanks to the stainless-steel tub, it’s a very durable appliance. No spotting, rust or any other problems will appear.
  • The rinse and detergent aid dispensers automatically add the required amount to ensure optimal cleaning.
  • checkThe load is easy to optimize simply by adjusting the upper rack that has 2 cup shelves, 4 stemware holders, 2 fold down tines and 4 light item clips.
  • checkThe lower rack is removable and it features a full length silverware basket and a row of fold down tines.
  • checkTo eliminate bacteria 100%, the Sani Rinse will heat the water to 155 degree Fahrenheit.
  • checkAn ultra-fine, smart filter featuring an advanced tech pump keeps the wash water clean, and free of food remains. This filter never need cleaning or removing.
  • checkInstallation will vary based on your house plumbing system.
  • checkBuy from Amazon – they usually have one of the best offers and also may offer free shipping


  • It has an extended lifespan thank to the premium quality materials used in it’s construction
  • Top notch technology and user friendly
  • Classy design what will compliment you kitchen
  • Thousands of positive reviews and satisfied owners


  • It’s pricey admittedly, but you do get what you pay for.

Jackson WWS Conserver XL, 37 Rack/Hr Door Type Dishwasher

Jackson WWS Conserver XL, 37 Rack Hr Door Type Dishwasher Review

By Jackson


  • Using only 1.65 gallons of water per rack this dishwasher cleans 37 racks an hour
  • Automatic rinse aid agent and sanitizer disposer
  • Dispensing pump, stainless steel self-draining pump
  • A built in alarm system is set off when the detergent is low
  • It washes using only clean water for every cycle, thanks to the dump and fill design
  • It is made from heavy 304 stainless steel
  • checkIt’s Energy Star Certified to reduce energy consumption.
  • checkIt has full automatic cycles
  • checkThe controls are electromechanical and it has a built-in stainless steel scrap accumulator.
  • checkThere will never be any detergent residue thanks to the self-draining stainless steel pump
  • checkThe controls are easy to read and mounted on top for easy access
  • checkIt’s very durable
  • checkThe upper and lower wash arms are interchangeable.
  • checkIt has adjustable feet
  • checkSee more reviews and customer opinion here on Amazon


  • Extended capacity
  • This is a commercial grade dishwasher
  • It’s built to last
  • It features the latest innovations in washing dishes


  • The price
  • Summary

    dishwashersguide tips

    All three have their pros and cons, as any other product, but the Architect Series II did better in our testing and it’s simply the best value for money dishwasher in this price range.

    OK, so you have our recommendations above.

    Your turn now – simply leave a comment below with your feedback or review on these dishwashers.

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