7 Tips For Throwing A Stellar Housewarming Party

Moving into a new home is always an exciting adventure. And is undoubtedly a cause for celebration. There is no better way to break in your new home than with a housewarming party. A chance to invite your friends and family around to help you mark the start of your new chapter in life.

Throwing a stellar housewarming party is no easy task. There are a lot of things you need to consider. Luckily we have put together these 7 tips to ensure your party is a memorable one. Because your new home deserves to be celebrated in style!

1) – Delay The Date

It is all too tempting to throw your housewarming party the first weekend of living in your new home. But we would advise against this. Moving home is a huge undertaking. Undoubtedly you will still have a fair amount of unpacking and decorating to do. You should spend the first two weeks getting to know your new home. Filling it up with all those personal touches that will make it uniquely yours. Then, when you finally do throw the party, you will feel more comfortable within the space and it will be better decorated.

2) – Decorations

Speaking of decorations, a good party needs a good atmosphere. You have two choices when it comes to decorations. You could go for some basic supplies such as balloons, bunting, and the normal decorations of your home. Or you could make the party a themed night. If it is summer you might go for a beach themed party and add some beach umbrellas or inflatable balls around the house.

3) – Amazing Food

A good housewarming party should be an informal, fun thing. So you don’t need to worry about providing a proper sit-down meal for everyone. But, you should still have to provide your guests with something to eat. Which is why I usually like to get different types of disposables/recyclables from a range of serving platters and lids that I find online which are durable and will last for long time. These often come with a mixture of sandwiches, nibbles, healthy snacks, and can be fully customized to your guests dietary specifications.

4) – Drinks And Cocktails

What party is complete without something tasty to drink. You will want to get a few of the basics such as non-alcoholic options, beers, and a few bottles of wine. But why not push the boat out and design a speciality cocktail for the evening. There are hundreds of amazing recipes that can be produced in large quantities. Long Island Ice Tea, for example, can be made up and served in a giant pitcher.

If you are worried about the cost of drinks you could always ask your guests to bring their own booze. Chances are a lot of your guests will bring a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift anyway.

5) – Party Activities

A housewarming is the perfect time to make use of your new space with some party activities. I personally like playing social games such as Werewolf or Heads Up! These are a great way to get your guests socializing. Or, if you are hosting a smaller affair, why not bust out one of your favorite board games. If you want something that everyone can play with their phones you should consider buying one of the Jackbox Party Pack games. These contain a myriad of fun minigames. With enough variety that there is something for everyone.

6) – The Guest List

A housewarming party isn’t just a chance to show off your home to your friends and family. It is a chance for you to enjoy your new space with those you care about the most. To make it feel more like a home rather than just a house. So you want to pick your guest list with care.

Make sure all your guests get along with one another. There is no sense inviting someone who is just going to cause problems all night. And try to stick to people you know very well. Your work acquaintances might not be the best choice for an evening like this.

7) – Plenty Of Photos

No night is complete without plenty of photos to remember it by. We are lucky enough to live in an age where our phones can take stunning pictures and record high quality video as well. But why not take it a step further.

A mini polaroid camera is a great way to create some amazing memories that also serve as beautiful decorations for your new home. The photos are produced instantly and you could even give some to your guests as mementos of the evening.

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