Best Portable Dishwashers Above $650

You can definitely find a good portable dishwasher. It will be a no frills model, has less features, it's a little bit noisier and you'll have a word or two to say about it's modest design.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a premium, high tech, jam packed with amazing features dishwasher you will have to pay more...

These two are the most appreciated dishwasher models in this price range as they can fit well in a small kitchen, they do an amazing job at cleaning, saving power and water and overall, being the most versatile and user-friendly pieces of equipment.

I've reviewed here two dishwashers that I find to be the best in the market today. I personally would go for the GE Portable Full Console Dishwasher. It performed well in all of our testing but, its competitor, the Whirlpool WDP350PAAW scored similar and it's simply amazing as well.

... just go for the one that you like more design-wise, because technical-wise they are both superbly built.


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GE GSC3500DWW Review

Absolute Best

Full Console 

SPT SD-9241SS Review

Cheaper runner-up

Sunpentown Portable Dishwasher in Stainless Steel

GE GSC3500DWW Portable, Full Console Dishwasher

GE GSC3500DWW Review

by GE


This dishwasher has a tall tub interior with 12-place setting that allows it to accommodate more dishes. It also has an additional room for huge items such as a pizza pans, glasses, bowls, cups, pots and pans. Among its best features is an electronic soil sensor that can automatically adjusts water usage per cycle accordingly, making sure that its use is optimized for better cleaning results. It also provides a high temperature wash and a heated dry option to ensure dishes are cleaned thoroughly every single time.

This GE portable dishwasher model is also Energy Star certified, meaning it conforms with the highest manufacturing standards and consumes less power to run an efficient wash cycle... it's simply made to be environmentally friendly.

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  • Despite its portable design, the tall tub interior of this GE dishwasher is perfect for fitting in larger pots and pans and will prove to be sufficient to fit in larger dishes and utensils as well.
  • Advanced features such as the automatic soil sensors, high temperature wash cycles and heated dry options are among the numerous things we love about this product.


  • Some people complained that it's a little bit noisier, but they probably were comparing it to the built-in models...
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    Other then that, there are a lot of satisfied customers that appreciate this portable model and report that it is a sturdy and efficient kitchen appliance.

Sunpentown Portable Dishwasher in Stainless Steel


  • This SPT portable dishwasher is perhaps the quietest model there is in this price range. It is definitely not surprising considering the great work done on its insulation. Advanced integrated sensors are able to determine how dirty the loaded dishes are so it can adjust the water being used during every cycle accordingly.
  • A big plus of this SPT portable dishwasher is it's stainless steel interior design that allows placement of tall and odd shaped items on both of its racks. Extra large items can now be placed in the lower rack while the upper rack provides room for plates, sport bottles, name it.


  • Most complains with this model come from improper installation, so some people reported leakage.
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    There are some that got a damaged dishwasher, but that was because of poor handling during transportation.


dishwashersguide tips

Portable dishwashers are the perfect choice when space is an issue but also there are a lot of dishes to clean. So, large families with a small kitchen would benefit the most of this type of dishwasher. They can easily be rolled out of storage or put aside when not needed.

Determine the most important features you would want your dishwasher to have and decide from there. The above-mentioned are well built, high quality kitchen appliances no doubt about that.

As always, if you have more questions about them, just simply use the comments section below and I will do my best to help out.

Choose wisely,

George Danir